Extend Keg shelf life with KeyKeg

The KeyKeg system featuring Bag-in-Keg Technology keeps your beer, wine, cider, kombucha, coffee, RTDs & Cocktails fresher for longer. KeyKeg ensures your beverages retain flavour and maintain their high quality for nine months or more before tapping and starting to pour. Ideal for storage, local or national distribution and export. Even after tapping, the Keg shelf life is at least four weeks, but can be much longer. Give your beverages a longer life with KeyKeg now.

Beverage protection with KeyKeg Bag-in-Keg system

KeyKeg’s hermetically sealed inner bag is perfect for keeping your beverages stable and preventing off-flavours from developing in the Keg. It not only protects wine, beer, coffee, cider, kombucha, cocktails and RTDs against microbiological or bacterial contamination, oxidation and quality degradation, but also extends Keg shelf life.

Extended Keg shelf life for distribution or export

The KeyKeg Bag-in-Keg Technology is strong, laminated, airtight and light-resistant to maintain the integrity of your beverages during transport, shipping and trucking — in any climate. Multi-layered protection preserves high-quality flavours and maximises Keg shelf life, making sure your beverages travel well around the world and stay as fresh as possible for consumers.

Allow drinkers to enjoy the flavour you intended

With KeyKeg, you can control the flavour, aroma, taste, mouthfeel and carbonation levels that consumers enjoy, wherever your beverages are poured across the world. By safeguarding beverages against impurity or damage, the KeyKeg Bag-in-Keg system eliminates the variability that can occur with traditional Kegs. You can guarantee consistency and ensure your beverages are dispensed fresh and evenly balanced, as you intended.

CO2 not necessary for dispense

Apart from extended Keg shelf life and the greater freshness window that KeyKeg offers, the KeyKeg Bag-in-Keg Technology also prevents dispense gas from touching your beverages. Your customers can therefore use any gas to dispense from KeyKeg, almost to the last drop. CO2, N2 or mixed gas is unnecessary, since dispense is possible using compressed air.

The KeyKeg Bag-in-Keg system and shelf-life

Frequently asked questions

The KeyKeg Bag-in-Keg Technology is a laminated, hermetically sealed inner bag, which offers multiple layers of protection against light, oxidation and contamination. It maintains Keg shelf life through, for example, keeping beverages separate from the propellant gases used to dispense. That means any gas, such as compressed air, can be used to squeeze the bag and force the beverage out to almost the last drop. Compressed air is a cleaner, cheaper alternative to CO2, N2 or mixed gas.

Thanks to the KeyKeg Bag-in-Keg system, beer stays fresh for at least 4 weeks in KeyKeg once tapped (opened). However, beer tapped beer can last much longer, but it depends upon the type and style of beer, the cleanliness of the dispense system and whether it is (or has been) stored correctly.

The KeyKeg Bag-in-Keg Technology ensures kegged (unopened) beer stays fresh for at least 9 months in KeyKeg, which is similar to steel, if it is stored properly. But kegged beer can last much longer if the style, ingredients and content of alcohol allow it. Pasteurisation and correct KeyKeg filling also affect how long kegged beer will last. In some cases, breweries actually age their beers in KeyKeg!

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KeyKeg extends Keg shelf life for all industries

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Practical & versatile

Make life easier with lightweight, easy-to-use Kegs. KeyKeg is used to dispense many different beverages, types and styles. Maximise your return on investment by avoiding expensive overheads associated with traditional kegs.

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Sustainable & circular

KeyKegs are recyclable. Our aim is to steadily increase the amount of recycled material in each new KeyKeg. Leave the world a better place by protecting natural resources, reducing waste and limiting the use of water, chemicals and fuel and supporting a circular economy.