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Serve a broader range of production-fresh, consistent RTDs and premixed cocktails. Sustainable RTD & Cocktail Kegs maximise shelf life, eliminate variability and offer custom branding possibilities, making them ideal for distribution and export. They are stackable too, with excellent stability and ergonomic handling. Try the difference KeyKeg makes now.

RTD & Cocktail Keg range

Your RTDs and premixed cocktails reach consumers all over the world as fresh as the day they were produced. RTD & Cocktail Kegs provide maximum shelf life, stable handling, stackability and custom branding possibilities. A sustainable solution that allows you to eliminate variability and serve consistent RTDs and premixed cocktails.

Key facts of KeyKeg RTD & cocktail Kegs

Pour fresh, premixed drinks quickly, consistently and as you intended with RTD & cocktail Kegs. KeyKeg is versatile, practical and easy to use during production and dispensing.

  • Hospitality saves time with consistent, balanced pours.
  • A premixed packaging solution that satisfies market demand.
  • Offer diverse, fresh and flavoursome RTD & cocktails.
  • Maximise your investment and find new opportunities.
  • A designed for circularity solution that leaves the world a better place.
  • Fits all dispensing systems, available in K and A fitting.

Serve consistent, fresh RTDs and cocktails

Reach consumers all over the world with RTDs and premixed cocktails as fresh as the day they were produced. Choose drink Kegs that preserve high-quality flavour, lock in consistent freshness and boost shelf life. Whether it’s an espresso martini Keg, mojito Keg or Aperol spritz Keg, Bag-in-Keg™ Technology uses an airtight, laminated barrier to separate beverages from dispense gas, preventing contamination. And it’s resistant to light too. KeyKeg eliminates variability in your fresh, evenly balanced RTDs and premixed cocktails, which can be poured almost the last drop.

USP Bag in Keg 30L
30l KeyKegs circular logo

The environmentally friendly RTD & Cocktail Kegs

Circular-by-design cocktail Kegs end overreliance on natural resources, reduce waste and limit fuel, chemicals and water use. Today's RTD & Cocktail-drinking demographic is environmentally conscious and chooses to drink from Kegs produced from sustainable materials. So, choose sustainable KeyKeg and distribute your RTDs and premixed cocktails in packaging that is designed for circularity. Help us prevent empty Kegs from going to landfill or incineration

Safely protect your RTDs and cocktails

Double Wall™ Technology safeguards your RTDs and premixed cocktails against spoilage, hospitality hazards and frontline-employee injury due to broken glass. Your Keg of cocktail is protected by safe, strong and damage-resistant KeyKeg. Mojito Kegs, espresso martini Kegs, Aperol spritz Kegs and those containing other RTDs and cocktails are safely filled, transported, handled and dispensed. KeyKeg also withstands high internal pressure, making it an ideal drink Keg for highly carbonated beverages.

Blok 6a.png
KeyKeg with Custom Sleeve 30L

Increase RTD and cocktail brand awareness

Custom sleeves enhance your strategy for branding. A Keg of cocktail displaying a KeyKeg custom sleeve increases brand exposure in a crowded marketplace. Elevate your brand identity with RTD & cocktail Kegs, while also promoting the hospitality benefits of distributing your beverages in KeyKeg.

Pour guaranteed consistency every time

KeyKeg eliminates RTD & cocktail variability. Bartenders can serve perfect RTDs and cocktails with KeyKeg cocktail Kegs, fresh, premixed, evenly balanced and consistent. You decide which ingredients, composition and proportions are used in your Keg of cocktail, and hospitality avoids lost profit due to overpouring. Consumers are also no longer overcharged for underpours.

Glas filled with pour guaranteed cocktail
Different cocktails on bar

Streamline service and save time

Preparing and mixing drinks and cocktails takes time during service. KeyKeg allows you to serve consumers quickly from drink Kegs, without losing quality, flavour and freshness. It is more efficient and effective. Serving RTDs and premixed cocktails from cocktail Kegs is eight times faster than preparing them individually.

Tap a broader range of RTDs & Cocktails

Drinkers expect hospitality to offer a broader range of RTDs and premixed cocktails, perfectly served, consistent and fresh. KeyKeg is compatible with all dispense systems, so you can offer multiple Kegs of cocktails on tap simultaneously. Cocktail Kegs are ideal for serving RTDs & cocktails at parties, festivals and other high-turnover events, where lots of consumers produce a greater profit per glass.

Tap a broader range
KeyKeg A Coupler Connection 30 L

Available in K & A fitting

Fitting with safety valve, to connect KeyKeg for filling or dispensing. Available in K and A fitting.

Get to know our Kegs for cocktails

Read everything you need to know here about eliminating variability to serve consistent, fresh RTDs and premixed cocktails with KeyKeg cocktail Kegs.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes! Cocktails stored in Kegs are just as good and flavourful as fresh ones. With KeyKeg the quality, flavour and freshness of beverages is maintained for no less than nine months. Even after tapping the shelf life of cocktails in Kegs is at least four weeks – and much longer depending on the type of beverage.

Working with KeyKeg

keyKeg manual Connecting & Filling

Connecting, filling and dispensing RTD & Cocktails Kegs

KeyKegs shrink-wrapped and stacked, ready for Handling & Transport

Handling and storing RTD & Cocktails Kegs

KeyKegs when empty deflated and stacked

RTD & Cocktails Kegs when empty

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Practical & versatile

Make life easier with lightweight, easy-to-use brewery Kegs. KeyKeg is used to dispense many different beer types and styles. Maximise your return on investment by avoiding expensive overheads associated with traditional Kegs.

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Sustainable & circular

We aim to steadily increase the amount of circular material in each new KeyKeg. Circular-by-design KeyKeg helps leave the world a better place by limiting use of water, fuel, chemicals and natural resources. It reduces waste too.