KeyKeg much discussed on Internet


A lot of people are looking for and talking about KeyKeg on the Internet. That’s not a surprise, because a lot of KeyKegs are travelling around the world these days, and over 800 producers and distributors are filling their beers and wines in KeyKegs. The word is also out on Twitter. We've selected a few choice tweets for you:

New Lion Brewery @NewLionBrewery@Gyle59brew this is just into a corny keg which is straightforward enough. I think the best way to start is with @KeyKeg one trip kegs.

BestBev HK @BestBevHK@KeyKeg thanks so much! Wish you guys all the success too. Keykeg is really a great way to keg! #craftbeerhk

KeyKeg @KeyKegRT @BestBevHK@TheBottleShopHK The future is @KeyKeg!!

Tina Wood @tinawoodstock@briggatebeer @KeyKeg yeah!!!

matt górecki @briggatebeer@tinawoodstock @KeyKeg f*****g light too!!

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