KeyKeg Slimline 20 and Slimline 30 have become even more sustainable


The new Slimline 30 liter keg is fully recyclable just like all of the KeyKeg products. This latest addition to the KeyKeg family consists of 30 percent recycled material. We are committed to increasing this proportion to more than 60 percent for the entire Slimline series in the near future. Chief technology officer Bert Hanssen said: “We’re always on the lookout for methods and materials to make KeyKegs even more sustainable.This includes increasing the proportion of recycled materials used in the manufacturing process. The unique inner bag, with its thin aluminum layer, prevents the beer or wine from coming into contact with products like PET, so both the single-walled Baseline and double-walled Slimline offer a high degree of protection.” For more information about KeyKeg Slimline, visit

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