KeyKeg’s new laboratory fully operational

Lab nwsbrf.jpg

We have been working very hard on a new KeyKeg laboratory these past few months. KeyKeg continuously carries out a series of tests to monitor and safeguard the high level of KeyKeg standard requirements. A number of these tests already take place during production. For example, every KeyKeg Slimline is tested at 7 bar pressure during production. A high margin, because the maximum operating pressure is 3,5 bar in practice.

KeyKeg has also developed a series of tests to check the quality of KeyKegs afterwards, once manufactured. These tests are performed by four staff members in the KeyKeg laboratory where the R&D of new products also occurs. There they have access to high-tech equipment to measure the KeyKegs, visually inspect them and perform duration tests. For example, they can simulate the transport of a container to the tropics with duration of 6 weeks in one week’s time.

The laboratory has already been a valued and essential link in the quality of each individual KeyKeg for eight years. The new KeyKeg laboratory is now ready for at least the following 8 years.

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