KeyKeg coupler now through Amazon


All US and Canadian KeyKeg customers can now order the KeyKeg couplers through Amazon in addition to the usual channel, the KeyKeg shop. The couplers are in stock at Amazon’s US fulfillment centers and thus do not have to be shipped from Europe, so delivery will be faster. But there are even more advantages. 

US sales director Menno Brandsma talks about this new service from KeyKeg. “We’re striving to continually improve our customer service. With Amazon, we’re not only reducing delivery times but also increasing convenience and availability. The original KeyKeg couplers are being offered at a very attractive price to lower the threshold for using the KeyKeg system.”

Amazon sells the KeyKeg couplers for $49.50 each, including shipping. Brandsma adds, “Our KeyKeg shop offers the total package of KeyKeg supplies, and it’s extremely popular. If our Amazon sales continue to grow, it will prove to be a worthwhile option for our American and Canadian customers, then we’ll gradually expand the selection to include deflating tools and possibly more.”
Purchases from our shop are intended US and Canadian customers only. 

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