Avoid Transportation and Storage Risks this summer

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The summer has begun, which often means extra sales, but it also requires special attention to the quality of your beverages. Warmer weather affects the condition of the product in KeyKeg, raising the temperature and pressure inside the keg.

It is very important that KeyKegs are not exposed to sunlight. The temperature limits (40°C / 104°F) can easily be exceeded in the summer, under warmer conditions during transport and storage. With the potential risks on the ultimate quality of the product, it is essential to take extra precautions.

On pages 4 and 5 of the KeyKeg technical specifications, we have outlined how you can reduce these risks to a minimum. Please contact us for additional support via info@keykeg.com or you can reach us directly at the following numbers:

Europe: +31 (0) 223-760760
America: +1 (312) 489-8425

We wish you a very successful summer season!

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