Double-Wall™ technology


We often receive questions about the Double-Wall™ technology used in our Slimline series, so we would like to explain what this technology actually does. The Double-Wall™ technology uses two walls that work together in a dynamic manner. The result is that our kegs are able to withstand much higher pressures. Each KeyKeg is factory tested to 7 bar (101 PSI), so that we can guarantee resistance to high pressures in the field. In fact, laboratory tests show that KeyKegs are able to withstand much higher pressures than that. In the event of damage to the wall, a Slimline will empty in a controlled manner. Another advantage of the Double-Wall™ is that the inner container is effectively protected by the outer container. This means that a Slimline is able to withstand harsh conditions during filling, transportation and storage. A KeyKeg Slimline is a very robust and safe form of packaging for your beverage.

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