Should we gravity fill our kegs?


A KeyKeg requires a minimum filling pressure of 1.5 bar, or 22 PSI. Some users fill their kegs by using gravity alone, but then the tank must be 15 meters (nearly 50 ft.) high in order to achieve sufficient filling pressure. Understandably, most users/consumers cannot achieve this, and in practice things (could) go wrong. As a result of insufficient filling pressure, KeyKegs do not fill completely. A 20 liter KeyKeg, for example, may only fill to 19 liters when using gravity alone. Not only does this result in unsatisfied customers, it also increases the likelihood of damage to the inner bag. Therefore it is necessary to use a beer tank that can withstand at least 2 bar (~30 PSI) of CO2 pressure, or use a pump between the tank and the keg. After filling, weighing the KeyKeg will ensure that it is completely full.

In the next few weeks, Lightweight Containers will be approaching several customers to inform them of the risks of low filling pressure. If you would like to learn more about best practices for manual filling, please download our filing instructions here.

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