Spanish brewer Naparbier has a great feel for both beer and creativity

Naparbier bar.jpg

Naparbier is one of Spain’s smaller breweries, but they have a huge heart when it comes to anything to do with beer. Founded in 2009, the brewery already produces an extensive range of high-quality beers. Their Napar Porter has already won an award. What’s their secret? Naparbier’s founders experimented with home brewing for ten years before starting up the company.

As a result, the founders know the Spanish beer community extremely well. Asked what makes Naparbier different, co-founder Josu Taniñe explains, ‘Beer is a sensitive product. We learned early on that hygiene is essential, so we go to great lengths to create optimal hygienic conditions. We’re also creative at every level of our company, which comes in handy when we’re dreaming up and marketing new beers. It’s time for someone to really take on the major brands and their beers.’

Demand for Naparbier’s beers is high, and not only from the local market. Naparbier now exports to the USA, Norway, Holland and Denmark. They’ve chosen KeyKeg, and not only as a replacement for their labour-intensive steel kegs. Josu Taniñe says, ‘In addition to hygiene, freshness is very important to us. Our beers keep much longer in KeyKegs than in steel kegs. Bars are also enthusiastic about KeyKeg, so our beers are extra welcome there.’

Naparbier also run a hyper-modern, well-equipped pub in Barcelona, BierCaB. They offer more than 30 different beers on tap, all from KeyKegs, and all of them dispensed with air. A large screen behind the bar provides information about the beers.

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