KeyKeg’s brand-new website generating heavy traffic

website eng.jpg

KeyKeg launched its new website on May 2nd. Since then the response has been simply astonishing, and we’ve received a lot of positive feedback. Traffic increased by a third and the average time per visit increased as well. The new website has a whole new look and feel. We’ve made the downloads and videos even easier to find, and we can help particular customers, such as winemakers and brewers, even faster. The information we’ve put together especially for them is now just a click away. Visitors are appreciatively taking advantage of the opportunity.

Like all good websites, this brand-new KeyKeg website is continually evolving. Soon hundreds of new KeyKeg users will be added to our ‘KeyKeg users’ marketing platform. We’re also working on a list of suppliers of compressors, dispensing systems and filling machines that we’ve tested ourselves.

Take a look for yourself:

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