How safe is a KeyKeg?

veiligheidstesten keykeg.jpg

You do want to have your valuable beverage stored, transported and dispensed as safely as possible. Lightweight Containers' Research & Development department is therefore working with a testing program for all types of KeyKegs. Various extreme circumstances are being  simulated such as drop and pressure tests  and simulations of externally caused damages,  in order to check, safeguard and maintain all of our high quality standards.  

Additionally, every KeyKeg Slimline is submitted to an in-line 7 bars test. However, the maximum pressure a KeyKeg Slimline can withstand exceeds 10 bars and is randomly tested on a daily basis. The normal operating pressure of a KeyKeg will not exceed 3.5 bars in practice because every KeyKeg coupler is equipped with a pressure release valve which has been set up for this pressure. Consequently we have built in high safety margins which are safeguarded daily. In short, the design and the continuous process of checks make KeyKegs extremely safe to work with.

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