Sustainability accreditation plays a part in the choice for a restaurant

Horecava stand.jpg

The Dutch Catering Sector Tradeshow, the Horecava, is considering to implement a sustainability accreditation for Dutch restaurants. Reason for this was a research done among catering sector visitors and professionals. From this research it became clear among other things, that 75% of restaurant visitors take the sustainability accreditation into consideration before choosing which restaurant to visit. A quart of all visitors actually indicated that a sustainability accreditation plays a decisive role in the choice for which restaurant to visit. Catering Sector professionals, however, seem to underestimate the effect of a sustainability accreditation on their revenue.

KeyKeg ensures a longer shelf life for beverages on tap and consequently less waste. Moreover, the keg has a 100% recyclability , no cleaning is needed for the keg and transport is reduced with approximately 65%. Thus, KeyKeg is a very sustainable means of packaging and therefore enables Catering Sector entrepreneurs to work in a more sustainable way. 

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