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Growth of the wine by the glass segment increases sharply. Three examples


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We note daily that the growth in the wine by the glass market is increasing sharply. Here are three examples to illustrate this. 

The wine distributor Winelab
The Irish wine distributor Winelab is a wine distributor that zeroes in on wine by the glass. They provide more than 25 high quality wines only in KeyKegs, including wine tap systems and all related services. Winelab has equipped hundreds of bars with wine tap systems in the meantime. 
Ronan Farrell, founder, talks about wine by the glass: “The past two years, the demand for wine by the glass, and therefore our wines, has boomed. We see that the experience to drink wine continues to become more ‘casual’ around the world. Wine becomes a commodity and wine by the glass coincides perfectly with this trend. Advanced wine tap systems will change the way people drink and pour their wines drastically. In a decade everything will become wine by the glass. By that time all Irish cities will have our wine tap systems with KeyKegs”. 

An example from the media
‘Meininger’s Wine Business International’ notes in the recent article ‘The Kegging Revolution’ that the wine-by-the glass trend is accelerating continuously: “Wine by the glass is a growing trend in the United States. The wines from casks are cleaner, greener and cheaper than bottled wine. Time to drop all prejudices and look at the numbers”, according to the journalist. The article also looks at wines from KeyKegs and quotes Axel Neiss from the famous German wine producer Neiss that fills KeyKegs with Riesling.

The wine distributor Bedford International
Bedford International is reaping the full benefits of the wine by the glass trend. The beverage distributor has contributed greatly to the fame and popularity of Italian wines in the US. The company has discovered the properties of single casks at an early stage and sells its wines in KeyKegs under the name Unokeg. 
David Di Belardino, Vice President of Bedford International: ‘We occupy ourselves with all aspects that affect the quality and price of the wine. Not only the producers, distributors and the hospitality industry notice that, but also the consumer. We soon discovered KeyKeg and wanted to offer our distribution channel and the consumers the opportunity to take full advantage of the unique properties of the KeyKeg system.’ 
The sustainability of these kegs appealed to us enormously. A KeyKeg of 30 liters replaces approximately 42 wine bottles of 0,75 cl each. Moreover, this keg is very beneficial for the price-quality ratio of our wines. The hospitality industry, and ultimately the consumer, reaps the rewards. We, as Bedford, notice this in the strongly increasing turnovers.”

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