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Leading Belgian brewer chooses KeyKeg


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This time, it is our pleasure to welcome the Duvel Moortgat Brewery, which includes Liefmans, to the ever-growing ranks of KeyKeg users. Extensive testing made it clear that KeyKeg is the best option for protecting beer during transport. Therefore Duvel Moortgat and Liefmans plan to use KeyKeg Slimlines in their overseas export markets including Thailand, Brazil, South Africa, South Korea, Chile, and China. Duvel plans to fill the KeyKeg Slimlines using two double-headed filling machines, each with a capacity of ninety kegs per hour.

Choosing Quality for Exports

Anita Veenendaal, KeyKeg’s Chief Commercial Officer is thrilled about Duvel Moortgat’s decision. “It’s great that Duvel Moortgat’s beers are travelling all over the world in KeyKegs,” she says. “By choosing KeyKeg, this famous brewery is clearly going for the best quality and protection on the market. For years now, we have seen our customers achieve the highest quality standards for exports by using KeyKeg. We certainly wish Duvel Moortgat continued success and we’re glad to welcome them into the KeyKeg family.”

Duvel will be filling beer brands such as La Chouffe, Vedett Blond, Vedett Extra White, and Liefmans into KeyKegs

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The environmentally friendly one-way keg

We take our environment into account, even during the design phase. A KeyKeg more than meets European Union environmental criteria. The KeyKeg will eventually be made from over 50% recycled PET, and our goal is to recycle every KeyKeg to produce new KeyKegs.

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