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Promo film for our Idol James Jr Roker


James Jr Roker 6.jpg

There are a lot of talented people working for Lightweight Containers enabling us to get the best out of our company. One of these talented people is James Jr Roker. James is part of our production team that helps to produce the KeyKeg.

To try and realize his dream to become a professional singer and performer, James has successfully entered the television program Idols Holland and managed to make it through to the next round. To show our appreciation for his efforts and to promote his talent a promo film has been made. Almost the complete Lightweight Containers team was there to support him.

We wish James all the best in trying to make his dream come true!

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The environmentally friendly one-way keg

We take our environment into account, even during the design phase. A KeyKeg more than meets European Union environmental criteria. The KeyKeg will eventually be made from over 50% recycled PET, and our goal is to recycle every KeyKeg to produce new KeyKegs.

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