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One-way keg for beverage distributors

Distributors need to get beverages to their customers quickly, efficiently and safely. With the KeyKeg system, you can do this perfectly. KeyKegs are lightweight, easy to handle and stack and take up much less space during transport and storage than traditional kegs. The lightweight PET kegs are also easy to prepare for recycling on the premises, eliminating the need for labor-intensive, complicated, and expensive return trips for empty steel kegs. You’ll save time and money. One-way kegs are gaining ground fast in the beverage sector. More and more brewers and makers of wine, cider, and soft drinks are enjoying the advantages offered by KeyKegs. Demand is also growing among bar and restaurant owners. That’s reason enough to take the step today.


The KeyKegs’ unique design makes them extremely compact and light, and the handy grip makes working with the KeyKeg system even easier. The convenient size takes up considerably less storage space than steel kegs. You can also load 25-30% more KeyKegs than conventional kegs, meaning you can transport more products with the same vehicle capacity. That’s more efficient, less expensive, and more sustainable. And there are no more return trips or complicated dealing with deposits. The total savings on transport can run to 65%.

New markets

Many breweries and other beverage producers are making the switch to KeyKegs. They’re choosing optimum quality and shelf life without compromising safety, and all at a lower cost. The KeyKeg system is now being used worldwide. The unique qualities of these lightweight disposable kegs mean that you can serve existing markets more easily, and they also offer better opportunities for taking advantage of new markets and trends.


KeyKegs can withstand high pressures during transport and storage. The KeyKeg series’ Double Wall technology provides beverages effective protection from outside influences. KeyKegs meet all existing safety requirements and are designed to withstand a drop of 1.5 meters without a dent. Every KeyKeg coupler has a specially designed safety valve that prevents excessively high pressure during dispensing. The KeyKeg system also works well with compressed air as a propellant, using a simple air compressor. Expensive propellant gases such as CO2, nitrogen or mixed gases are no longer necessary. That’s just one more argument for your customers to get their beverages delivered in KeyKegs.

Lightweight Containers produces also a keg system with Double Wall - and Spear Technology: www.unikeg.com.

Satisfied customers

Bar and restaurant owners are enthusiastic about the KeyKeg system. Besides optimum quality and shelf life, it has many other advantages. Since beer, wine, cider and soft drinks keep much longer after broaching, hospitality outlets can make a wider range of draught beverages available to their customers. They can also take advantage of new trends, such as the growing demand for seasonal or specialty beers or wines by the glass. The lightweight KeyKegs have an array of practical features, and using compressed air makes dispensing simpler and less expensive. By flattening the empty one-way kegs for recycling, you’ll save valuable storage space.

The advantages in a nutshell:

  • Retains quality, extends shelf life
  • Dispensing using compressed air
  • Fits most filling and dispensing equipment
  • Efficient transport and storage
  • No more expensive return trips
  • No more ‘lost’ kegs or cleaning costs
  • Complete branding with your logo/design
  • Helps you take better advantage of trends
  • Serve your existing customers better 
  • Increased sales opportunities
  • Satisfied customers
  • Recyclable
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The environmentally friendly one-way keg

We take our environment into account, even during the design phase. A KeyKeg easily meets the environmental criteria of the European Union. Every KeyKeg is made of 30% recycled material already. The gripring and basecup are made of 100% recycled PP. Every day we strive to recycle every KeyKeg to produce new KeyKegs.

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