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One-way keg for gastronomy

Restaurants and bars are all about hospitality and good service, and consumers expect a freshly drawn beer or a good glass of wine as part of the experience. However, you’ll want to take advantage of new trends and special requests in addition to your regular selection. The KeyKeg system makes it all possible. Its revolutionary design safeguards the quality and the shelf life of beverages on tap. With these lightweight disposable kegs, you can serve top-quality beer, wine, cider, and soft drinks and increase your sales – and at a lower cost.

Shelf life

Beverages in KeyKegs keep longer than they do in steel kegs, thanks to the innovative Bag-in-Keg™ principle. Even after broaching, the quality remains optimal for weeks. This is made possible by the two-compartment system with its special laminated inner bag. The beer or wine is given optimum protection from oxidation and it’s never directly exposed to the propellant gas. You’ll never draw a stale glass of beer or wine again.

Dispensing using compressed air

The KeyKeg system’s universal coupler fits all existing dispensing equipment. The clear instructions on the packaging make connecting the KeyKegs extremely simple, even for inexperienced bar personnel. You can even use air as a propellant. This method is gaining in popularity since it’s both more environmentally friendly and cheaper than special propellant gases like carbon dioxide or even mixed gases. A simple air compressor is all you need. The two-compartment system means you can tap the keg to the last glass, so you avoid waste as well.


KeyKegs are lightweight and have a practical and comfortable grip. The one-way kegs stack easily and efficiently. Also, an empty KeyKeg weighs just over a kilogram (2.2 lbs), while an empty steel keg easily weighs six to ten kilos. A special safety valve on the coupler keeps the dispensing pressure at 3.5 bar (50.76 psi) or under, so everyone can work safely with the KeyKeg system. The Double Wall technology of the KeyKeg series guarantees maximum safety during transport, storage, and dispensing.


KeyKegs take up much less space than traditional kegs or glass bottles. One 30-litre KeyKeg holds the same amount as 40 wine bottles. The clever design means that empty kegs don’t take up valuable storage space, since the KeyKeg can be prepared for recycling on your premises. Because the empty kegs can be taken away immediately after use, all your storage space is available for full KeyKegs.

Increased sales opportunities

The KeyKeg system enables bar and restaurant owners to offer their customers an even wider selection. The beer or wine goes into the glass the way it was meant to. The KeyKegs’ unique design gives beer and wine maximum shelf life, and what’s more, it makes it easier to take advantage of new trends such as specialty beers or wines by the glass. Not only does this create more sales opportunities, its efficient use of storage space and the option of using air as a propellant also help cut costs even more. The KeyKeg system puts these advantages within reach for every bar and restaurant owner.

The advantages in a nutshell:

  • Retains quality, extends shelf life
  • A range of beers and wines on tap
  • Can use compressed air as a propellant
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • No more storing empty kegs
  • Dispense to nearly the last drop
  • Easy broaching 
  • Fits virtually all dispensing systems
  • Respond quickly to new trends
  • Reduced costs, increased sales
  • Recyclable
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The environmentally friendly one-way keg

We take our environment into account, even during the design phase. A KeyKeg easily meets the environmental criteria of the European Union. Every KeyKeg is made of 30% recycled material already. The gripring and basecup are made of 100% recycled PP. Every day we strive to recycle every KeyKeg to produce new KeyKegs.

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