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Lightweight Containers opens new warehouses in the United States and Canada!


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Following the opening of the KeyKeg Slimline production line in Joliet (Illinois), Lightweight Containers has announced that they now have five warehouses in the United States and Canada. Four of them have been set up together with the American logistics partner and warehousing specialist, C.H. Robinson.

Faster delivery

Speaking about the new warehouses, Peter van Strijen, International Logistics Control at Lightweight Containers, says: “We are working together with the freight forwarder, C.H. Robinson, a very professional party. With this cooperation and the five warehouses, our customers in the United States and Canada can rely on even faster delivery and affordable transport costs”.


The warehouses of Lightweight Containers are at the following locations:

Edison, New Jersey, United States
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Tracy, California, United States
Vancouver, Washington, United States
Joliet, Illinois, United States

Customers have the option of collecting their complete pallets of KeyKegs themselves or having them delivered.

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El barril desechable favorable para el medio ambiente

Tenemos en cuenta nuestro medio ambiente, incluso durante la fase del diseño. Un KeyKeg cumple de sobra los criterios medioambientales de la Unión Europea. El KeyKeg Slimline eventualmente se hará con más de 50% de PET reciclado, y nuestra meta es reciclar cada KeyKeg para producir nuevos KeyKegs.

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