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On May 23rd, 2016, Lightweight Containers opened its first warehouse in Australia! Melbourne was chosen because the city is an importent logistics hub. This warehouse will be supplied from Den Helder, The Netherlands.

As of May 23rd, 2016, customers can pick up their pallet of kegs in Melbourne. Peter van Strijen, Senior Business Creator, Logistics explains: ‘More and more brewers and wine producers in Australia choose Keykegs. We wanted for our customers to reduce delivery times en transport costs. With the opening of this warehouse we have achieved this.’

From this new warehouse, we will be supplying the KeyKeg Slimline 20, 30 and KeyKeg Baseline 30. After obtaining a pick-up number, you can collect your KeyKegs there. The minimum order quantity is 1 pallet. One pallet holds: 30 Baseline 30L KeyKegs, 48 Slimline 30L and 80 Slimline 20L.

The address of the new warehouse is:

Transolve Warehousing
183 Fitzgerald Road
3026 Laverton North VIC

You can place orders through your own online Netstore account, or directly with our Senior Business Creator, Riccardo Nardi, who is responsible for this country.

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El barril desechable favorable para el medio ambiente

Tenemos en cuenta nuestro medio ambiente, incluso durante la fase del diseño. Un KeyKeg cumple de sobra los criterios medioambientales de la Unión Europea. El KeyKeg eventualmente se hará con más de 50% de PET reciclado, y nuestra meta es reciclar cada KeyKeg para producir nuevos KeyKegs.

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