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What does a 10% more sustainable KeyKeg mean for you?



Lightweight Containers has recently announced that KeyKeg will become 10% more sustainable within the year. The same KeyKeg will require even less CO2 to produce thanks to additional modifications in the production process. What does this mean for your company? 

Easier to measure the environmental performance of a product. Today’s software enables large brewers to get a better picture of how sustainable their products are. These programs take everything into account, from obtaining the raw materials and ingredients, all the way through the brewing process, transport and packaging. It is this last category that turns out to play a considerable role in CO2 emissions. Our customers who measure their impact will see this 10% come back immediately in the form of more sustainable products. 

Hidden costs
It is important to analyze the “hidden costs,” or the costs passed on to and paid for by society, when producing a consumer product. For example, higher CO2 emissions cause increasingly severe storms and flooding across the globe. If these costs could be better defined, they would clearly show the value of what some companies are doing to preserve the environment. There are retail companies who already communicate the hidden costs of their product range and more companies are working on this all the time. That 10% reduction in emissions from KeyKeg suddenly makes a big difference.

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El barril desechable favorable para el medio ambiente

Tenemos en cuenta nuestro medio ambiente, incluso durante la fase del diseño. Un KeyKeg cumple de sobra los criterios medioambientales de la Unión Europea. El KeyKeg eventualmente se hará con más de 50% de PET reciclado, y nuestra meta es reciclar cada KeyKeg para producir nuevos KeyKegs.

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