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Since Social Media is an intensively used communication channel, we have decided to intensify our Social Media care. You may have noticed that we have restructured our Social Media channels. We have also reviewed and updated our strategy and are ready to execute our plans now.

On Facebook you will find a Lightweight Containers B.V. page, a KeyKeg page and a UniKeg page. The Lightweight Containers B.V. page is our company page which includes the address of our headquarters in Den Helder. You can also check-in on this page when you visit our headquarters. Follow this page to stay up-to-date on our company activities. The KeyKeg and UniKeg pages are being to share specific information regarding the two brands. For example, if you would like to stay up-to-date on technical updates or read about the newest advice on KeyKegs and UniKegs, you can follow these pages.

On Twitter you will only find a KeyKeg and UniKeg page which will contain a lot of information regarding these brands like tips and tricks on how to use them and the advantages explained. We will also try to connect to all conversations about the brands taking place on Twitter.

On YouTube and on Instagram you will find more visual material regarding KeyKeg and UniKeg, like how to use the kegs or some inventive ways the kegs are already used by different KeyKeg users.

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El barril desechable favorable para el medio ambiente

Tenemos en cuenta nuestro medio ambiente, incluso durante la fase del diseño. Un KeyKeg cumple de sobra los criterios medioambientales de la Unión Europea. El KeyKeg eventualmente se hará con más de 50% de PET reciclado, y nuestra meta es reciclar cada KeyKeg para producir nuevos KeyKegs.

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