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Remplissage des KeyKeg et UniKeg

KeyKeg and UniKeg are easy to use with multiple filling machines. As a service, we offer technical support to our customers in close collaboration with official partners of OneCircle.

Support with new filling equipment for KeyKeg and UniKeg
We can assist with the right option for your business case concerning:

  • KeyKeg and UniKeg fillers
  • Hybrid machines including the function for KeyKeg and /or UniKeg
  • Functional use of KeyKeg and /or UniKeg

We can support you in arranging the contact to official KEG-machine suppliers. Guiding and assisting in the process of:

  • Clarification of requirements
  • Interpretation of quotes
  • Joint commissioning

 Support with existing filling equipment for KeyKeg and UniKeg
Our team can support you with the use of KeyKeg and UniKeg on existing KEG-Fillers:

  • Listing the requirements and interests of the customer
  • Evaluating the options for adaptation in consultation with machine manufacturers
  • Monitoring the the adaptation to ensure it is successful

Approval of filling equipment for KeyKeg and UniKeg
As a service we offer a visit to customers using a filling machine to ensure filling and handling of our products are in accordance to our specifications. Approving the equipment and its use enables OneCircle to proactively enhance the customer experience.

We support customers with the wide range of equipment for (manual) filling. This includes all options, from a basic coupler + pump combination up to more advanced systems. We can analyze/test devices for functionality and safety.

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Le fût perdu écologique

Nous tenons compte de notre environnement, même pendant la phase de conception. Le KeyKeg répond aux critères environnementaux de l'Union Européenne, et même au-delà. Le KeyKeg comportera probablement plus de 50 % de PET recyclé; nous avons l'intention de recycler tous les KeyKeg afin qu'ils puissent servir aux productions de nouveaux fûts.

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