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Measure CO2 levels yourself with the KeyKeg CO2 calculator

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The KeyKeg webshop now offers the KeyKeg CO2 calculator with free shipping. This handy device calculates the amount of CO2 in beer and sparkling wine. This is important to monitor since excess CO2 can result in foamy products being dispensed. Unfortunately, beer with elevated CO2 levels is still all too common in practice. A KeyKeg Baseline can contain at most 5 gr/ltr (2.5% CO2 vol.) and a KeyKeg Slimline 5.5 gr/ltr (2.75% CO2 vol.).

Instructional video

This instructional video shows clearly how to use the CO2 calculator. KeyKeg works continuously to promote safe and correct use of KeyKegs throughout the whole supply chain. You can find all of our instructional videos and downloads at www.keykeg.com. You can now also order the KeyKeg deflating tool with free shipping.

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Il fusto monouso amico dell'ambiente

L'ambiente per noi è sempre una priorità, anche nella fase di  studio. Un KeyKeg va oltre i criteri di salvaguardia ambientale imposti dall'Unione Europea. KeyKeg sarà prodotto con oltre il 50% di PET riciclato, ma il nostro obiettivo è riciclare ogni KeyKeg per produrre nuovi KeyKeg.

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