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Distribute beer, wine, RTDs & cocktails, coffee and kombucha as fresh as the day they were produced

Keg range for distributors

The beer, wine, RTDs & cocktails, coffee and kombucha you distribute reach consumers all over the world as fresh as the day they were produced. Kegs for distribution offer maximum shelf life, stable handling, stackability and custom branding possibilities. A sustainable solution that allows distributed beverages to be served fresh from the tap.

Keep the beverages you distribute fresh

Distributing Kegs with Bag-in-Keg™ Technology locks in beverage freshness, maintains high-quality flavour and maximises shelf life. A laminated, airtight light barrier keeps dispense gas and beverages separate, preventing contamination. The beer, wine, RTDs & cocktails, coffee and kombucha you distribute reach consumers all over the world as fresh as the day they were produced.

Be environmentally friendly by using sustainable Kegs for distribution

Help protect natural resources, reduce waste and limit the use of water, chemicals and fuel by distributing beverages in recyclable Kegs. Choose sustainable packaging for the beverages you distribute to prevent empty Kegs from being incinerated or used as landfill.

Discover your sustainable, circular Kegs

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Benefit from practical and versatile beverage Kegs

How does practical and versatile KeyKeg enhance your business?

  • Maximise investment
  • Save time
  • Eliminate overheads
  • Discover business opportunities
  • Satisfy market demand
  • Choose sustainability
  • Optimise service
  • Pour consistently

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Protect resources with sustainable and circular beverage Kegs

How does sustainable and circular KeyKeg help you be environmentally responsible?

  • View sustainability numbers
  • Transport lightweight Kegs
  • Produce less harmful waste

Safely protect the beverages you distribute

KeyKeg features strong, safe and damage-resistant Double Wall™ Technology. Protect the beverages you distribute and increase safety during transport, handling and dispense. Choose a Keg for distribution that safeguards against spoilage and meets all existing safety requirements. For example, filled KeyKegs will survive a 1.5 m drop.

Maximise Keg storage and handling

The ergonomic, easy-to-handle grip ring and basecup make our lightweight, ergonomic coffee Kegs stable and stackable. Optimise warehouse and hospitality storage space and safely load pallets for effortless distribution. A filled Keg for distribution requires no heavy lifting equipment, trollies, hand trucks or carts.

Increase awareness about brands you distribute

KeyKeg is available with custom Keg sleeves that complement beverage-branding strategies. Increase awareness about the brands you distribute with maximum hospitality exposure in a crowded marketplace. Elevate your distribution role while promoting the beer, wine, RTDs & cocktails, coffee or kombucha you distribute.

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Improve distribution logistics

KeyKeg allows more beverages to be transported per truckload than traditional Kegs. You could distribute up to 25-30% more beverages per load or save up to 65% on transport costs. KeyKeg eliminates expensive return processes associated with traditional Kegs too. Hospitality outlets could flatten empty Kegs in preparation for local recycling initiatives, which also saves precious storage space.

Choose efficient Kegs for distribution

Today's hospitality outlets expect clean, efficient, lightweight packaging that allows them to take advantage of drinking trends by offering a wider range of longer-lasting draught beverages. Beverage producers recognise the demand and use KeyKeg for distribution to domestic and export markets. KeyKeg offers distributors a point-of-difference Keg that responds to a broad range of beverage-packaging requirements.

Dispense without CO2

Beverages are kept separate from gas with KeyKeg. Hospitality can dispense almost to the last drop using any gas, including compressed air — a cleaner, greener, easier and less expensive way to dispense. Using CO2, N2 or mixed gas is not necessary.

Working with KeyKeg

keyKeg manual Connecting & Filling

Connecting, filling and dispensing Kegs for distribution

KeyKegs shrink-wrapped and stacked, ready for Handling & Transport

Handling and storing Kegs for distribution

KeyKegs when empty deflated and stacked

Distributed Kegs when empty