Craft Standard premium cocktails on tap with UniKeg | KeyKeg

With Craft Standard and UniKeg cocktail Kegs, today’s bars, restaurants, stadiums and venues across the US are responding to customer demand for consistent, premium cocktails on draft

Craft Standard combines bartender creativity with UniKeg technology to deliver great-tasting draft cocktails that have proved hugely successful for hospitality-business owners and staff across the US. Mixing and serving cocktails individually in the traditional way takes time, but pouring consistent, on-premise cocktails at scale with Craft Standard is quick and easy.

Launched in late 2020, Craft Standard offers bars, restaurants, sports stadiums and music venues a turnkey draft solution for meeting the high-speed demands of serving premium cocktails to more customers with fewer staff. Using UniKeg and the patent-pending Keg Spiker, Kegs of cocktail mixer from Craft Standard are ‘spiked’ with preferred spirits, ready to pour from existing direct-draw and long-draw beer systems within a few minutes. No extra investment in equipment is needed.

Craft Standard’s premium cocktails that are perfectly served and quickly poured from the tap, just like beer, increase profits without compromising on quality or variety. The US hospitality space is facing massive staffing issues, so Craft Standard and UniKeg allow great cocktails on tap to be poured without a professional bartender. Hospitality staff can work smarter and be more productive, selling and serving more cocktails than those individually mixed by hand. And happy customers who never have to wait in long lines will return for Craft Standard cocktails again and again.

Craft Standard also offers customers a sustainable-packaging solution that reduces the carbon footprint. UniKegs are lightweight, recyclable Kegs; they do not need to be returned for intense cleaning with harsh chemicals and hot water. And with no returns, customers can save over 60 % on transport costs.

Sam Morrison, Head of Marketing, Craft Standard: “UniKeg gives us the opportunity to provide our customers with an easy-to-use packaging format that no other cocktail mix company has. UniKeg is helping us change the cocktail mix category across the country.”