Crooked Spider climbs to eco-friendly future | KeyKeg

Crooked Spider climbs towards a circular economy and reaches consumers with fresh, flavoursome beer in sustainable KeyKeg

Award-winning Crooked Spider brews distinct beers that combine a Process & Food Technology background, many years’ experience, carefully selected ingredients and a passion for giving consumers the highest possible quality.

Crooked Spider chooses to distribute all its export and on-trade beer in KeyKeg. This ensures pubs, bars and other hospitality outlets around the world can pour Crooked Spider’s exciting flavours as fresh as they were when they left the brewery in Wassenaar, the Netherlands.

Master Brewer Niels Beekhuizen launched Crooked Spider in 2014 and opened a new 1500 litre brewery and taproom in 2021. The brewery team pride themselves on their commitment to sustainable packaging that prioritises beer quality.

Not only does KeyKeg protect Crooked Spider’s beer against oxygen and light contamination, but it is also a lightweight, easy-to-handle solution. It allows more beer to be transported per pallet, creating less packaging waste and saving CO2 on long-distance shipping. KeyKegs are also circular-by-design craft beer Kegs, meaning that once empty they can be processed into the actual raw materials used to make new KeyKegs.

Niels Beekhuizen, Owner, Crooked Spider: “With KeyKeg, beer stays true to its original flavour long after filling. It is a light, easy-to-fill solution that simplifies our export activities. And we are confident that it is the right choice for a sustainable brewery like ours. We even collect empty Kegs from our customers to ensure they return to the circular economy.”