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Exporting All Kinds of Beers from the USA to Europe with KeyKeg freshness

Importing the finest beer into The Netherlands from independent breweries across the United States is the passion of Michiel and Carlo at All Kinds of Beers. These old school friends now live on opposite sides of the Atlantic but work together in hand-picking all kinds of American beers that connect with European taste for Stateside brewing talent.

From their bases in North Carolina and Almere, near Amsterdam, Michiel and Carlo make every effort to ensure all imported beer tastes as fresh for European drinkers as the day it left the brewery. In addition to shipping beers across the Atlantic in extended shelf-life KeyKegs, which already lock in brewery-fresh flavour, they keep everything refrigerated, door-to-door.

All Kinds of Beers also oversee European distribution, so it is vital that their beers are the best they can be at all times, from brewery Kegs to consumer.

The circular economy is important too. KeyKeg is sustainable and lightweight, meaning more beer can be imported in fewer shipments, reducing the carbon footprint. A growing network of Return Partners across Europe also collect empty KeyKegs for recovery of the actual raw materials used to produce new KeyKegs. As more empty KeyKegs are collected, the amount of circular materials in each new KeyKeg increases and fewer craft beer Kegs are incinerated or used as landfill unnecessarily.

Michiel Anema, Co-owner, All Kinds of Beers: “Being part of the KeyKeg Community helps us connect with US breweries that are interested in reaching new markets. The KeyKeg team are supportive and help us present the freshest US beer to appreciative European drinkers in a sustainable-packaging solution. But maintaining the quality of beer is most important to us, and that is easy with KeyKeg beer Kegs, especially for imported IPAs that require extra care and attention.”