Glou use our ustainable packaging and wines-to-go | KeyKeg

Melbourne’s sustainable wine champions Glou choose KeyKeg for dispensing wines to-go

Glou brings wine to the market in a sustainable way by using KeyKeg rather than single-use bottles. The Melbourne wine bar and bottle shop offers 16 wines on tap and a selection of wines to-go, dispensed into reusable glass bottles. The model is so popular that other hospitality businesses across Melbourne and Sydney reach out to Glou for help adding KeyKeg wines to their offering.

Each new KeyKeg contains 42 % recycled material, which protects natural resources. One 30 L KeyKeg replaces 40 single-use wine bottles, reducing the amount of glass and cardboard waste. KeyKegs are also significantly lighter than other large-format packaging. Glou reduces its transport omissions by transporting up to 85 % more wine per truckload in KeyKeg than is possible in bottles due to 96 % less packaging weight.

Owners Ron and Rahel source wines directly from producers and have converted dozens of cautious winemakers to the sustainability and quality benefits of using KeyKeg. They aim to continue increasing the number by taking a hands-on approach, visiting winemakers to demonstrate how to easily fill KeyKegs.

Reseller Vinpac offers the flexibility and support that Ron and Rahel need, transporting KeyKegs direct to Glou’s suppliers across South Australia.

Ron Davis, Owner, Glou: “The wines we work with contain either minimal or no added preservatives, so they need greater protection. After investigating various vessels, we found that KeyKeg offers the best protection. It keeps wine away from dispense gas to maintain the high quality our customers expect. Furthermore, KeyKeg’s light weight and recycled materials make it the right sustainable choice for us.”