KeyKeg keeps Duncan’s beer fresh for export | KeyKeg

Unique New Zealand beers from Duncan’s Brewing keep fresh with KeyKeg, reaching Asia and Europe in perfect condition

Duncan's Brewing pushes the envelope of beer-style production at its brewery on New Zealand’s Kapiti Coast. It absorbs beer influences from around the globe to create unique, special beers, which it then exports back out to the world. It is the only brewery in New Zealand doing large-scale dessert beer production.

30 L KeyKegs are perfect for Duncan’s Brewing exports to countries like Singapore, China and the UK. Overseas customers want beers as fresh as the day they were produced, and they value the longer shelf life and quality provided by KeyKeg’s Bag-in-Keg technology, which keeps beer and dispense gas separate.

A solid, long-term relationship with KeyKeg reseller Alchemy Agencies also adds value to Duncan’s Brewing export activities. Alchemy Agencies provides the brewery with almost 1,500 KeyKegs annually for export of YUM YUM YUZU to Singapore alone — that’s almost 50,000 litres of Duncan’s Brewing’s inimitable dry Japanese-style lager.

George Duncan, Head Brewer/Brewery Manager, Duncan’s Brewing: “KeyKeg is perfect for exporting our weird beers. Gas has no contact with the beer, so customers know the beers arrive fresh and stay fresh. Maintaining the quality of our beers is most important, and our customers are confident that the shelf life is optimal with KeyKeg.”