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KeyKeg steers Staggeringly Good Brewery’s historic-warship beer festival towards success

Staggeringly Good Brewery uses easy-to-handle, environmentally friendly KeyKeg to make its annual WarriorFest victorious

Staggeringly Good hosted its annual WarriorFest 2022 aboard HMS Warrior 1860, Britain’s first iron-hulled battleship, on Aug. 5-6. Visitors to this unique beer festival enjoyed over 60 international beers and ciders alongside Staggeringly Good’s own dinosaur-branded beer, all served on the ship’s Victorian decks at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard.

Sustainability is the main driving force at Staggeringly Good, and the brewery uses KeyKeg for UK distribution and export to Asia, Scandinavia and Europe — a sustainable choice that keeps its beer as fresh as the day it was produced. KeyKeg’s ergonomic design also offers safe, effortless handling; filled KeyKegs require no heavy lifting equipment, trollies, hand trucks or carts.

The Staggeringly Good team used steel Kegs at the first WarriorFest in 2017 but found it too strenuous. Loading over 200 steel containers filled with beer using HMS Warrior’s 160-year-old gangways and steep steps was exhausting. By subsequently switching to lightweight, sustainable KeyKeg, the Staggeringly Good team faced less of a challenge handling beer Kegs aboard HMS Warrior while also promoting a cleaner, healthier environment.

KeyKeg remains an important part of WarriorFest’s continuing sustainable success. It is possible to transport 35% more beer per truckload with KeyKeg than with steel, meaning fewer journeys and a smaller carbon footprint. Staggeringly Good also play in role in helping recycle the empty KeyKegs that may otherwise end up as landfill.

Staggeringly Good collects empty KeyKegs for recycling from WarriorFest and its popular Southsea taproom, yet it aims to gather many more. Hospitality professionals across Dorset, Hampshire, West Sussex and Surrey can help the environment too, by dropping off their empty KeyKegs at Staggeringly Good in Southsea. The amount of recycled material in each new KeyKeg will also steadily increase as more empty Kegs are collected, which protects precious natural resources.

Staggeringly Good crushes and bundles the empty Kegs for us to collect. We shred, separate and sort the different plastics on an automatic recycling line to recover the raw materials. As much recycled material as possible is used to produce new KeyKeg parts, while the remainder is recycled for other uses.

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