Wyllie Recycling Return Partner for Scotland | KeyKeg

Wyllie Recycling becomes preferred KeyKeg Return Partner for Scotland

Breweries, beverage producers and large hospitality chains in Scotland with a sizeable number of empty KeyKegs can turn to Wyllie Recycling.

As our preferred Return Partner for Scotland, prearranged bulk drop-offs are welcome at Wyllie Recycling’s convenient recycling-centre location in Perth. They can also collect large batches of empty Kegs.

Wyllie Recycling are passionate about sustainability and keen to educate the beverage and hospitality industries about KeyKeg circularity. The team started collecting empty KeyKegs in 2018, one of many recycling and disposal services they offer that improve customers’ environmental footprint and meet commercial waste-reduction obligations.

Empty KeyKegs also join the recycling loop from Wyllie Recycling’s specialist destruction service for processing out-of-date beer.

John Gilmour, Commercial Manager, Wyllie Recycling: “As Scotland’s go-to recycling company for the beverage industry, we are delighted to be part of the OneCircle initiative, collecting empty KeyKegs for recycling. We also want to go beyond traditional recycling towards a circular economy in which raw materials are reused to make new products — and KeyKeg is the perfect example.”

We collect the crushed and baled Kegs from Wyllie Recycling, then shred, separate and sort the different plastics to recover the raw materials that we use, as much as possible, to produce new KeyKeg parts.