Piggy Brewing Co. fills with CraftFill KeyKeg | KeyKeg

The Piggy Brewing Company trots towards greater efficiency with a CraftFill KeyKeg-filling machine

The Piggy Brewing Company’s beer reflects a good-humoured epicurean pig spirit that doesn’t take itself too seriously. And beer-lovers who seek pleasure in sensational beer turn in droves to this north-eastern France brewery for its piggy philosophy and fresh, modern flavours.

Launched six years ago by a group of friends united by a desire to brew unique beer, The Piggy Brewing Company continues to grow thanks to a dynamic range of characterful beers that delight connoisseurs at home and abroad.

The Piggy Brewing Company distributes its tap beer in around 30,000 KeyKegs per year, 20 % of which are exported to Benelux, Switzerland, Spain, Norway, Sweden, Greece, Cyprus and other markets — the rest are distributed around France. Stability and stackability allows the team to deliver more KeyKeg beer per pallet: mostly in 30 litre KeyKegs, although 10 litre Kegs are convenient for unique, specific beers.

To be more efficient in the brewery, The Piggy Brewing Company recently installed a CraftFill KeyKeg-filling machine from ACAS, which can fill up to 4 brewery Kegs at once. The brewery team now fill about 110 KeyKegs (30 L) per hour, compared with 75 before.

Lorenzo Gamba, Partner / CEO / Worker, The Piggy Brewing Company: “We used other Kegs when we started six years ago but switched to the KeyKeg system because it keeps our beer fresher for longer. It is reliable, versatile and has excellent handling properties. The CraftFill machine allows us to fill more KeyKegs easily and comfortably. We are very happy with KeyKeg and ACAS.”