Batemans Brewery releases Jubilee beer in KeyKeg | KeyKeg

Independent family brewers Batemans Brewery draws on almost 150 years' brewing experience to commemorate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee with a unique, limited-edition beer. Jewel In The Crown is a Light amber cask-conditioned Real Ale, distributed in KeyKeg to around 350 free houses and Batemans Brewery tenanted pubs across the East of England and East Midlands.

Batemans Brewery is passionate about sustainability and recycling. The fourth-generation brewery uses KeyKeg for Jewel In The Crown to support its environmental goals. KeyKegs are lightweight, sustainable beer Kegs, designed for circularity; once empty, they can be recycled into the actual raw materials used to produce new KeyKegs.

With Jewel In The Crown and KeyKeg, Batemans Brewery maximises delivery loads, eliminates beer waste, extends shelf-life and allows publicans to use standard hand pulls for dispensing from a Keg without carbon dioxide. Empty Jewel In The Crown KeyKegs that may otherwise end up as landfill are collected by Batemans Brewery during its next delivery.

Stuart Bateman, Managing Director, Batemans Brewery: "The New Product Development that increases KeyKeg circularity is proving successful. It is very easy for us to collect, crush and return empty KeyKegs for recycling into the materials used for fresh KeyKegs."

Batemans Brewery has distributed beer in KeyKeg for almost 10 years and has been collecting for about five. By returning all their empty KeyKegs through Batemans Brewery, publicans across the region can help protect the environment. As more empty Kegs are collected, the amount of recycled material in each new KeyKeg will steadily increase, conserving precious natural resources.