UK KeyKeg reseller Loughran Brewers Select joins our network

Loughran Brewers Select joins our UK KeyKeg-reseller network to enhance beer-packaging maturity in the UK and across Europe

In October 2022, leading UK beer-industry supplier Brewers Select joined the well-established Loughran family, which has been connecting brewers with the finest ingredients and supplies for the last 8 years through Loughran Brewing Stores in Dundalk. With a proven track record and diverse industry knowledge, the rebranded Loughran Brewers Select is now well-positioned to distribute our world-class beer Kegs to breweries across the UK and Europe.

The Loughran family is already an established KeyKeg reseller in Ireland. By adding KeyKeg craft-beer Kegs to its UK range, Loughran Brewers Select taps into a wealth of international experience supplying innovative, sustainable craft-beer packaging solutions. KeyKeg locks in consistent freshness, maintain high-quality flavour and maximises shelf life for domestic and export markets. Loughran Brewers Select promotes sustainability and being a force for good wherever possible, so the Peterborough-based team will urge responsible KeyKeg disposal and KeyKeg recycling.

Loughran Brewers Select is committed to the craft-beer industry perspective, superior customer experience and a consistent service. It promises easy ordering and fast, efficient delivery from its state-of-the-art warehouse. Offering many of the best products from the world’s leading suppliers, Loughran Brewers Select guarantees quality.

Will Avery, Commercial & Marketing Director, Loughran Brewers Select: "We've been fortunate enough to have been working with KeyKeg through Loughran Brewing Stores in Ireland for several years now, and we couldn't ask for a better partner. KeyKeg's customer service and the technical support they offer to breweries is second to none. When we started our journey with Loughran Brewers Select in the UK, we made a pledge to UK brewers to deliver them the very best ingredients and supplies from the best suppliers and producers in the world. KeyKeg is the global industry gold standard in sustainable, circular, lightweight kegs, so to be able to partner with them is a great fulfilment of our promise to our customers. Through KeyKeg, we’re looking forward to continuing to deliver our absolute commitment to quality beer and incredible customer service."

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