Vanheede and OneCircle: partners in a circular economy

We are pleased to welcome Vanheede Environment Group to our expanding collection network that already includes partners in Great Britain, The Netherlands and Spain. Vanheede Environment Group will collect used KeyKegs® in Belgium and Northern France.

The collaboration between Vanheede Environment Group and OneCircle strengthens our shared vision for sustainability and a circular economy. Together we strive to reuse as many raw materials as possible. According to Vanheede, sustainable solutions exist for a significant amount of waste, and they offer over 2,500 ways to process used raw materials. By collaborating to collect used KeyKegs®, Vanheede Environment Group helps increase our circularity because we reuse the recycled plastics to produce new KeyKegs®.

Vanheede Environment Group are demonstrating their commitment to collecting used KeyKegs® by adding 12 additional regular collection points in Belgium and northern France.

More than 86 % of each KeyKeg® is made from PP and PET, two reusable plastics that are excellent raw materials for a circular economy. The remaining raw material each KeyKeg® can be reused in other ways too. A KeyKeg® already contains approximately 42 % of ‘circular used material’, yet we continually innovate and look for improvements that will increase this number over the coming years.

Katia Dezutter at Vanheede Environment Group: "We are pleased to join the OneCircle initiative by helping KeyKeg® users in Belgium and northern France to fully recycle their packaging."

Chris Roggeband, Chief Executive Officer at OneCircle: "KeyKeg® is the market leader in circular-design Kegs. Our strategy therefore focuses on working with partners such as Vanheede to facilitate the recycling and reuse of our kegs. I am pleased to welcome Vanheede to the OneCircle community with the expertise they bring."

Besides durability, KeyKeg® offers optimal protection for beverages such as beer, cider, wine, Kombucha, cocktails or cold-brew coffee. KeyKeg® ensures drinks remains as fresh as the day it was produced.

For more information about Vanheede Environment Group's products and services, please visit: https://www.vanheede.com