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COVID-19 Update

June 2020

In the current situation where COVID-19 determines the news and our daily lives, we have to keep our staff, customers and people around them safe. On the other hand, we have to maintain a 'business as usual' approach to maintain supply chains, support and technical advice where it is needed. As you know, this situation was impossible to plan for in advance and it requires flexibility and creativity from everyone.

We know your business operations are extremely challenged by the current situation, especially with the measures imposed by the various public authorities. This page gives you all the latest information for your business operations in relation to our business.

Stock and Production Warehouse Reseller Contact for more information
Spain Spain Spain c.alert@onecirclecommunity.com
Germany Germany   m.brandsma@onecirclecommunity.com
UK UK UK n.maestri@onecirclecommunity.com (UK)
k.vanwoerkom@onecirclecommunity.com (NL)
Netherlands Netherlands Netherlands j.tiel@onecirclecommunity.com
USA USA USA s.graczyk@onecirclecommunity.com (USA)
r.lagro@onecirclecommunity.com (NL)
  Italy Italy g.friedman@onecirclecommunity.com
  Australia Australia r.kent@onecirclecommunity.com
  Canada Canada m.kibbey@onecirclecommunity.com (USA)
r.lagro@onecirclecommunity.com (NL)
    Lat. America c.alert@onecirclecommunity.com
    Middle East m.dejager@onecirclecommunity.com
    Japan r.koppen@onecirclecommunity.com
    Scandinavia m.dejager@onecirclecommunity.com
    Portugal c.alert@onecirclecommunity.com
    France m.musch@onecirclecommunity.com
Status definition:    
Active Interrupted Contact required


If you need further support, please reach out to the right contact person:

- If you are struggling financially, please connect with us and we will aim to support your business through these difficult times: em.oosterbos@onecirclecommunity.com
- If you have questions about your shipment or logistics, please contact: a.vandermeche@onecirclecommunity.com
- We are abiding by the guidelines that are set by the different governments; this means that we have processes in place to support your business and protect our employees at the same time.
- Our business made the decision over a week ago to "ground" all sales staff until further notice. The team is still there to support you. They are all working from home and welcome your call whether it is for a catch up or something more specific.
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Al tijdens het ontwerp is rekening gehouden met ons milieu. Een KeyKeg voldoet dan ook ruimschoots aan de milieucriteria van de Europese Unie. Zo bestaat de KeyKeg al uit meer dan 30% gerecycled materiaal. En zijn de gripring en basecup gemaakt van 100% gerecycled PP. Ons streven is om elke KeyKeg te recyclen voor de productie van nieuwe KeyKegs.

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