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New 10 liter addition to KeyKeg family is center of attention


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The KeyKeg 10 Slimline was launched on 11 November 2015 during the Brau Beviale, Nuremberg, and the new addition was met with much enthusiasm. That was three months ago – how is our new asset getting on?!

Lightweight Containers reported during the Brau Beviale that production would start in the first quarter of 2016. Since then, the first batches of KeyKeg 10 Slimline have been produced and delivered. About the production, Jan-Dirk Veenendaal, COO of Lightweight Containers, says: ”We are very happy with the quality of the first batches of KeyKeg 10 Slimline. However, we are working hard to produce it as fast and as efficiently as possible. This is a normal procedure, which we will complete in a few weeks.’’

And there is a lot of interest. Brewers are ordering the ‘little one’ to fill with exclusive beers, while wineries want the KeyKeg 10 Slimline for high-end wines. In some Asian countries, the KeyKeg 10 Slimline is a very big hit. It seems the low weight of a full 10-liter has an added advantage there. The new addition is also attracting attention from producers of drinks such as saké, RTDs, coffee and kombucha tea.

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Het duurzame eenmalig fust

Al tijdens het ontwerp is rekening gehouden met ons milieu. Een KeyKeg voldoet dan ook ruimschoots aan de milieucriteria van de Europese Unie. KeyKegs bestaan voor een deel al uit gerecyclede grondstoffen. Zo zal de KeyKeg uit meer dan 50% gerecycled PET bestaan. Ons streven is om elke KeyKeg te recyclen voor de productie van nieuwe KeyKegs.

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