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More and more dispensing systems ‘powered by KeyKeg’



KeyKeg offers many advantages for restaurants and bars. The builders of dispensing systems are also recognising these advantages, and more and more of them are developing dispensing systems especially for KeyKegs. We’re also seeing more and more self-service dispensing systems, connected to computer networks. Below are three examples.

Struise Beermobile

The well-known Belgian brewer Urbain Coutteau of the Struise brewery developed the  ‘Biermobiel’ for international beer festivals. This mobile bar has 30 taps and 40 KeyKegs in the cooler, but it’s still compact (only 3m l x 1.90m w x 1.90m h) and extremely easy to move about. Struise has built three beermobiles, two of which are in the company’s beer garden, where visitors can experience Struise beers in a unique environment: www.struise.com.

NDMAC systems

This company has developed a stand-alone dispensing tower that taps from three KeyKeg Slimlines. The large display screen under the three taps catches the eye immediately. Each tower also has a wifi connection. Customers can pay using a mobile phone or ipad app, or with a special NDMAC wristband. The owner can remotely follow what’s going on and determine what the guest sees on the display: www.ndmac-systems.com.


Customers at La Tireuse in Paris can choose from no less than twelve carefully selected beers on tap. Each customer has his or her own tap and can easily draw and pay for their beers using a prepaid card. This ‘self-service bar’ offers a wide range of specialty beers, and works exclusively with KeyKegs. You can find out more at: www.latireuse.fr

New dispensing system with built-in air compressor

Tapping with air is taking off, thanks to KeyKeg. The well-known dispensing system manufacturer Lindr already supplies many of these systems to bars that use KeyKeg. The company has recently developed a compact built-in compressor: http://www.lindr.cz/en/

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Het duurzame eenmalig fust

Al tijdens het ontwerp is rekening gehouden met ons milieu. Een KeyKeg voldoet dan ook ruimschoots aan de milieucriteria van de Europese Unie. KeyKegs bestaan voor een deel al uit gerecyclede grondstoffen. Zo zal de KeyKeg uit meer dan 50% gerecycled PET bestaan. Ons streven is om elke KeyKeg te recyclen voor de productie van nieuwe KeyKegs.

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