Ondersteuning bij wat te doen met lege KeyKegs

Heb je hulp nodig bij het loskoppelen, leeg latenlopen of wegdoen van lege KeyKegs? Neem contact met ons op en vraag ons hoe je dit correct kunt doen conform onze richtlijnen en specificaties.

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Clean the lines as normal by connecting a KeyKeg cleaning adaptor to a cleaning canister or existing cleaning system.

We have created a video for you to watch that demonstrates how to clean a dispense installation.

Please order accessories from our Webshop.

Always deflate KeyKegs in a well-ventilated area. Use the red KeyKeg deflating tool or Micro Matic dispense head with built-in deflating switch. Keep the red KeyKeg deflating tool for future use.

Once deflated, there are several recycling options for empty KeyKegs.

We have created a video for you to watch that demonstrates the KeyKeg deflation process.

To further our ambitious goals for sustainability, we are assembling a worldwide Collection Network of partners to collect and process empty Kegs for reuse as materials in the production of new KeyKegs. Our Collection Network partners enable recycling initiatives that complement existing local waste-management streams. We also actively seek new partners to join our community and collect empty KeyKegs in their areas.

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