KeyKeg products: Meet the KeyKeg range!

With KeyKeg we offer a complete range of beverage Kegs. KeyKeg products feature an advanced design and are easy-to-use, sustainable and circular. KeyKeg presents great opportunities to break into and serve new markets, while personalised custom branding is also possible. Lightweight, sustainable KeyKeg provides the best possible protection for your beverages, which can be dispensed using any gas, even compressed air. Make sure your beverages reach consumers all over the world as fresh as the day they were produced.

Key advantages of KeyKeg

  • Two innovative Technologies: Bag-in-Keg and Double-Wall
  • Extends shelf life
  • Fits all dispensing systems, available in K and A fitting
  • Lightweight for efficient transport and storage
  • Transport 25-30% more beverages per truckload
  • Ergonomic and easy for anyone to handle
  • No more complex and costly Keg returns
  • Long shelf life, even after tapping
  • Dispense almost to the last drop
  • Custom-sleeve possibilities for your own branding
  • Quickly open up access to new sales and export markets
  • More opportunities for cost saving and profit
  • Circular by design
  • Sustainable
  • Can be dispensed using compressed air
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Practical & versatile

Make life easier with lightweight, easy-to-use Kegs. KeyKeg is used to dispense many different beverages, types and styles. Maximise your return on investment by avoiding expensive overheads associated with traditional Kegs. KeyKeg 10 litre, 20 litre and 30 litre are scalable packaging solutions that fit your production patterns and growth plans.

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Sustainable & circular

Sustainability is an essential feature of KeyKeg. Lightweight KeyKegs are circular by design. Our aim is to steadily increase the amount of circular material in each new KeyKeg. Help us leave the world a better place by supporting a circular economy, protecting natural resources, reducing waste and limiting the use of water, chemicals and fuel.

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Easy connect, fill & dispense

An innovative design makes KeyKeg simple to use. Connecting, filling and dispensing from KeyKegs is easy. Manual filling is the most common way to easily fill Kegs, using a special filling head, but they can also be filled using automatic or semi-automatic filling machines from official suppliers. KeyKegs also fit existing dispense systems easily.

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Unique design & storage

A clever design, shape and ergonomic grip ring and basecup ensure that anyone can handle KeyKegs right away. Circular-by-design KeyKegs are light, easy to handle and stack efficiently, saving valuable storage space and transport cost

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