KeyKeg 20 litre Keg

KeyKeg 20 litre Keg

KeyKeg 20 litre ensures your beer, wine, kombucha, RTD, Cocktail, cider or coffee is enjoyed by consumers in the four corners of the world, tasting as fresh as the moment it was packaged. It also maximises beverage shelf life, and provides excellent handling for distribution and export: lightweight, stable and stackable. Available with custom sleeves that promote your branding, 20 L KeyKegs help you reach new business opportunities both near and far. KeyKeg is a sustainable Keg that is designed for circularity and enables you to serve customers in an efficient, effective way.

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Key facts of KeyKeg 20 L

  • Light and easy to carry
  • Double-Wall™ Technology
  • Bag-in-Keg™ Technology
  • Tested during manufacturing to 7 bar (102 psi)
  • Clear usage instructions
  • Suitable for every dispense system, available in K and A fitting
  • Sustainable and circular by design
  • Can be supplied with custom sleeves featuring your brands
USP Bag In Keg 20L KeyKeg

Maintain freshness and shelf life

Lock in high-quality flavour and maximise shelf life with KeyKeg 20 litre Bag-in-Keg™ Technology. Be assured that your distributed or exported beverages will taste just like they did when they were produced, fresh and flavoursome for consumers around the world.

KeyKeg 20 litre protects beverages safely

20 L KeyKegs are robust, resilient and resistant to damage. Double Wall™ Technology offers protection for your beverages and safety for your staff who fill, handle, transport or dispense from KeyKeg.

USP 20L KeyKeg Double Wall
20L KeyKeg stacking Gripring Basecup

Maximise storage and handling with KeyKegs

Beverage distribution, export and storage is safe and effortless with KeyKeg 20 litre. The comfortable grip ring and designed-for-stability basecup make handling, stacking and palletising easy.

Increase beverage awareness

Custom sleeves enhance your strategy for branding and increase consumer awareness. Maximise hospitality exposure to your beverages with visible branding on KeyKeg 20 litre.

KeyKeg custom sleeve beer 20L
30l KeyKegs circular logo

Sustainable KeyKeg protects natural resources

Sustainable packaging is today’s choice for beverages that appeal to environmentally conscious consumers. KeyKegs are designed for circularity and not only save natural resources, but also cut waste and limit water, chemical and fuel use. Sustainability also reduces the amount of waste that is incinerated or used as landfill unnecessarily.

No CO2 needed to dispense from KeyKeg 20 litre

Dispense beverages to just about the last drop without the need for CO2, N2 or mixed gas. Your customers can use any dispense gas, even compressed air, because beverage and gas are kept separate in KeyKeg.

20L Dispence Without CO2
KeyKeg A Coupler Connection 30 L

Available in K & A fitting

Fitting with safety valve, to connect KeyKeg for filling or dispensing. Available in K and A fitting

Want to know more about our Kegs?

Everything you need to know about lightweight KeyKeg 20 litre is here, including information about its advanced-design benefits and its role in a circular economy.

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Frequently asked questions

Beer, wine, RTDs & cocktails, coffee or kombucha can be filled in KeyKeg. In fact, almost all water-based, carbonated or noncarbonated beverages can be used with KeyKeg. If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Any style of beer can be filled in KeyKeg 20 litre. Aging lambics, imperial stouts and other special beers is also possible in KeyKeg, and some breweries do this to good effect.

Forced carbonate of beer is not possible in KeyKeg, but secondary fermentation in KeyKeg is possible in the right conditions. CO2 content must not increase too much. This video demonstrates how to measure KeyKeg CO2.

Please contact us with any concerns you have about KeyKeg CO2 content.

Our ’how to connect KeyKeg 20 litre’ video explains the process.

Unopened beer (kegged) stays fresh for at least 9 months in KeyKeg if stored correctly. That is the same as steel. However, beer can last much longer in KeyKeg, depending on style, ingredients, ABV, pasteurisation, and filling quality. Brewers also use KeyKegs to age beer.

Our Webshop allows you to order KeyKeg accessories and up to eight individual KeyKegs. You may also choose to complete an optional registration.

Our Netstore allows you to order KeyKegs by the pallet, but customer registration is required here.

Please contact us for more ordering information.

KeyKeg has a fitting with a safety valve, to connect for filling or dispensing. Available in K and A fitting.

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Working with KeyKeg

KeyKeg manual filling kegs

Connecting, filling and dispensing

Shrinkwrapped and stacked KeyKegs ready for transport

Storage and handling

Emptied and flattened KeyKegs

When empty

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Practical & versatile

Lightweight, easy-to-use 20L KeyKegs make life easy for dispensing a variety of different types and styles of beverages. By avoiding unnecessary overheads and other expenses inherent in traditional Kegs, you can boost your return on investment.

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Sustainable & circular

Our goal is steadily increasing the amount of circular material used in each new designed-for-circularity KeyKeg. Protect precious natural resources, cut down on waste and use less water, chemicals and fuel while supporting the circular economy. Help us leave the world a better place.