KeyKeg 30 litre

KeyKeg 30 litre

KeyKeg 30 litre maximises shelf life to make certain global and local consumers enjoy your wine, kombucha, beer, Cocktail, cider, RTD or coffee as though it was freshly made this morning. Lightweight, stable, stackable, KeyKeg offers superior handling to make distribution and export easy. 30L KeyKegs can also be supplied with custom sleeves to help promote your brands and develop new national or international markets. Sustainable KeyKeg is not only designed for a circular economy, but it brings extra efficiency and effectiveness to how you serve customers.

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Key facts of KeyKeg 30 L

  • Circular by design and sustainable
  • Double-Wall™ Technology strength
  • Bag-in-Keg™ Technology freshness
  • Easy to use with clear instructions
  • Designed for easy handling
  • Full dispense system compatibility. Available in K and A fitting.
  • Tested to 7 bar (102 psi) during manufacturing
  • Elevate your brands with optional custom sleeves
USP Bag in Keg 30L

Extended shelf life and longer freshness

KeyKeg 30 litre Bag-in-Keg™ Technology offers high-quality flavour retention and longer shelf life. Lock in flavour for transport over long-distances to ensure beverages stay fresh and taste perfect wherever they are enjoyed — as perfect as you intended!

Safely protects beverages with KeyKeg 30 litre

Sturdy, enduring and strong enough to resist damage, KeyKeg 30L takes care of your beverages, thanks to Double Wall™ Technology. It also offers a safe beverage-packaging solution for trouble-free, straightforward filling, handling, transport and dispense.

USP 30L Double Wall KeyKeg
Storage 30l KeyKeg USP

Maximise 30L KeyKeg storage and handling

A secure, tactile grip ring and stackable basecup make it easy to move, store and arrange KeyKeg 30 litre on pallets. Easy handling and a light weight are ideal for distribution and export.

Raise your brand awareness with 30L KeyKegs

Optional custom sleeves offer you visible branding possibilities for KeyKeg 30 litre. Create beverage awareness that enhances your business-development strategy by making hospitality customers more aware of your brands.

KeyKeg with Custom Sleeve 30L
30l KeyKegs circular logo

KeyKeg: sustainable and designed for circularity

Protect natural resources, limit waste and cut water, chemical and fuel usage with KeyKeg 30 litre, environmentally friendly beverage packaging for today’s conscientious producers. Choose a beverage Keg produced using circular materials that can be recovered from empty Kegs to be reused in new Kegs. Choose a Keg that can avoid incineration and does not need to be used as landfill.

Dispensing from KeyKeg 30L needs no CO2

CO2, N2 or mixed gas is unnecessary for dispensing beverages to almost the last drop with KeyKeg. Any gas can be used to dispense, including compressed air. KeyKeg keeps beverage and gas separate, so your customers do not need to rely on CO2.

30L KeyKeg Dispence Without CO2
KeyKeg A Coupler Connection 30 L

Available in K & A fitting

Fitting with safety valve, to connect KeyKeg for filling or dispensing. Available in K and A fitting.

Everything to know about KeyKeg 30 litre

Download all you need to know about KeyKeg here. Learn how KeyKeg 30L features an advanced, lightweight design and why it is beneficial to the circular economy.

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Infographic KeyKeg 30l replacing traditional packaging UPS

Frequently asked questions

KeyKeg can be filled with almost all water-based beverages, whether carbonated or not. KeyKeg is suitable for beer, wine, RTDs & cocktails, coffee or kombucha. If you are unsure, please ask us.

Breweries fill KeyKeg 30 litre with all types of beer. They even use KeyKeg to age lambics, imperial stouts and other specials to a very high standard..
Beer cannot be force carbonated in KeyKeg, but KeyKeg secondary fermentation is possible in the correct circumstances. The amount of CO2 contained in the beer must not get too high. Watch how to measure CO2 in a KeyKeg.

Let us know if you need to know more about KeyKeg CO2 content.

Watch this video to learn how to connect KeyKeg 30L.

If stored correctly, your unopened (kegged) beer will remain fresh for a minimum of nine months, which is comparable to steel. Beer can last much longer than this in KeyKeg, but it depends on a few important things: ingredients, alcohol, style, pasteurisation, and how well the KeyKeg is filled. Aging beer is also possible in KeyKeg 30 litre.

You may order KeyKeg accessories and up to 8 KeyKegs via the Webshop. You can choose whether to register as a customer or not. If you need more than 8 KeyKegs, you can register as a customer and order through our Netstore.

For more ordering information, please contact us.

KeyKeg has a fitting with a safety valve, to connect for filling or dispensing. Available in K and A fitting.

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Working with KeyKeg

KeyKeg manual filling kegs

Connecting, filling and dispensing

Shrinkwrapped and stacked KeyKegs ready for transport

Storage and handling

Emptied and flattened KeyKegs

When empty

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Practical & versatile

Dispense various different beverage types and styles with lightweight, easy-to-use 30L KeyKegs and make life easy. Remove the unnecessary expenses and other overheads linked with traditional Kegs to boost your ROI.

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Sustainable & circular

KeyKeg is designed for a circular economy, and we are steadily increasing how much circular material we use in each new KeyKeg. By protecting precious natural resources, reducing waste and reducing the amount of water, chemicals and fuel we use, we can leave the world a better place.