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Do you need help to handle or store filled or empty Kegs? Connect with us and ask how to do this correctly according to our guidelines and specifications.

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If stored properly, kegged (unopened) beer stays fresh in KeyKeg for at least 9 months — as long as it does in steel — although it often lasts much longer. Shelf life depends on beer style, ingredients, alcohol content, whether pasteurised or not, and the care taken during filling.

Some brewers even use KeyKegs to age their beers.

Once tapped (opened), beer stays fresh for at least 4 weeks in KeyKeg, although it often lasts much longer, depending on beer style, proper storage conditions and the cleanliness of dispense systems.

We have created a video for you to watch that demonstrates how to stack filled KeyKegs correctly.

48" × 40" (120 cm x 100 cm) block pallet:

  • 10 L: 140 KeyKegs
  • 20 L: 80 KeyKegs
  • 30 L: 48 KeyKegs
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