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Designed for stability and stackability with superior handling qualities, filled or empty KeyKegs can be moved and loaded by hand safely and effortlessly thanks to the innovative ergonomic grip ring and basecup. Due to its lightweight and easy palletisation, distributing your fresh beverages in KeyKeg also means fewer journeys (or less beverage per journey), which reduces costs. Improving handling and storage in the production facility or service area means less clutter and a safer environment.

Key facts about KeyKegs

  • An innovation design for optimal beverage-packaging handling and storage
  • 10 L, 20 L and 30 L sizes are lightweight and easy to move or load
  • Double-Wall Technology protects beverages during handling and transit
  • Bag-in-Keg Technology keeps beverages fresh and flavoursome during storage
  • Improved logistics and safety with a strong, stable and stackable solution
  • Custom-branding promotes your palleted beverages while in transport
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Move filled KeyKegs easily by hand

You don’t need any trolleys, hand trucks, carts or heavy lifting equipment to move filled KeyKegs. Effort is minimal. The ergonomic grip ring and basecup make lightweight KeyKeg both stable and easy to handle. You can move, stack and load empty or filled KeyKegs by hand.

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Designed for stability and stackability

The grip ring and basecup are essential to KeyKeg’s innovative design. Besides making KeyKeg easy to handle and manoeuvre, these features make KeyKeg stable and stackable. Ideal for making the most of limited space in your production facility or warehouse.

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Lightweight to reduce effort and save costs

A lightweight, manoeuvrable and sturdy beverage-packaging solution that is designed for optimal loading, KeyKeg helps you cut storage, transport and fuel costs. And it encourages workplace safety and wellbeing. Compared with steel, it is possible to distribute up to 35 percent more beverage per load with KeyKeg, meaning fewer shipments or a cost saving of up to 65 percent. Shipping wine in KeyKeg instead of bottles also creates savings, produces less glass waste and is a greener solution. Learn more about maximising your return on investment.

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Reduce clutter and improve hospitality service

Hazards cause delays. KeyKeg’s superior handling features and light weight make it an efficient and effective beverage Keg for the hospitality industry. It doesn’t take up much space, can be stacked safely and, once empty, can be easily flattered to avoid obstructing the service area. KeyKeg saves time, which is money, and keeps employees safe.

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Simple, straightforward palletising for easy distribution

Filled (or empty) KeyKegs can be loaded easily onto pallets for safe distribution, transport and shipping. Depending on local health and safety regulations, maximum truck or container limits and whether you’re palletising 10 L, 20 L or 30 L KeyKegs, you can load up to 100 Kegs per pallet, in up to five layers (up to 10 layers for warehouse storage). Pallets must always be shrink-wrapped and top-covered with cardboard sheets.

Putting safety first with correct KeyKeg handling

Following a few basic guidelines will maximise beverage quality and extend shelf life. Consumers will also be certain that the freshest beer, wine, cider, coffee, kombucha, cocktails or RTDs is served in a safe and responsible way.

  • Always deflate KeyKegs as soon as they are empty using either a red deflating tool or the KeyKeg coupler deflating valve. Do not deflate KeyKegs by any other method.
  • Dispense high CO2 content beverages slowly.
  • Do not deflate KeyKegs in confined spaces if dispense gas is CO2.
  • Always keep KeyKegs stored below 40° C.
  • Never reuse an empty KeyKeg.
  • Store KeyKegs in dark, shady places and avoid exposure to direct sunlight.
  • Never pierce or cut KeyKegs. Keep KeyKegs away from sharp objects.
  • Use a suitable coupler and tap, especially with higher acidity beverages like wine or cider.
  • Keep KeyKegs away from alkaline, caustic hydroxides or soapy cleaning products with a pH greater than 9.
  • Carry and store KeyKegs upright, never upside down. Do not roll KeyKegs along the floor.
  • Keep KeyKegs away from open fires or other heat sources.
  • Ensure tap coolers use the correct pressure for storage temperature and CO2 content.

Storage and handling

Frequently asked questions

It depends. If correctly stored, kegged (unopened) beer will stay fresh in KeyKeg for a minimum of at least 9 months, which is as long as it does in steel. However, beer in KeyKegs can last much longer. Shelf life depends on beer style, ingredients, alcohol content, whether pasteurised or not, and proper care during filling. Some brewers even age their beers in KeyKeg.

Depending on beer style, proper storage conditions and the cleanliness of dispense systems, beer can stay fresh for at least 4 weeks in KeyKeg once tapped (opened), although it often lasts much longer.

Watch our video that shows how to stack filled KeyKegs correctly.

The following number of KeyKegs fit onto a 48" × 40" (120 cm x 100 cm) block pallet:

  • 10 L: 140 KeyKegs
  • 20 L: 80 KeyKegs
  • 30 L: 48 KeyKegs
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We’re keen to hear from you and happy to offer our KeyKeg Community help with the best practices for storage and handling.

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Working with KeyKeg

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Shrinkwrapped and stacked KeyKegs ready for transport

Storage and handling

Emptied and flattened KeyKegs

When empty

Meet the KeyKeg range!

KeyKeg is a complete range of easy-to-handle, easy-to-store, lightweight beverage Kegs. Featuring an advanced design, grip ring and basecup, they are easy-to-use, sustainable and circular. Excellent handling properties make KeyKeg the ideal solution for breaking into new markets and reacting to opportunities. With KeyKeg, your beverages reach consumers all over the world, safe, protected and as fresh as the day they were produced.