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Need help with empty KeyKegs? Need to know how to disconnect, deflate and follow sustainable KeyKeg disposal methods that are better for the environment? Connect with our sustainability-focused team and ask how best to do this or follow our specifications and guidelines.

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Easy to connect, easy to disconnect

KeyKeg is easy to disconnect. Disconnecting is the reverse of connecting. To disconnect a Keg before following sustainable KeyKeg disposal methods, lift the KeyKeg-coupler handle up to unlock the connection, then turn the coupler to the left to remove it.

Your disconnected empty KeyKegs can then be recycled for a circular economy. With the help of our Return Network Partners, we gather and process as many empty KeyKegs as possible. We recover and reuse the actual raw materials used to produce new Kegs.

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Always deflate after use for maximum safety

Deflating KeyKegs before KeyKeg disposal is also easy. Deflation should be done as soon as possible after a KeyKeg is empty, once the beverage has been dispensed to almost the last drop. Always deflate in a well-ventilated area if dispense gas is CO2. KeyKegs can be deflated using the built-in deflating valve on the KeyKeg coupler, if present, or by using a red deflating tool available from our Webshop. Place the red deflating tool on the KeyKeg connection, press down and turn clockwise to deflate. Keep the red deflating tool to use again and again.

We have created a video for you to watch that demonstrates the KeyKeg deflation process.

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Serving fresh beverages through clean dispense lines

Your dispense-system lines get fouled by the distinct properties and ingredients used in beverages. Cleaning your lines with the right cleansing agent and process is important. It keeps beverages as fresh and flavoursome as possible for consumers, eliminates variability and allows frontline staff pour consistently. Consult with a tap service to get the right advice for your situation!

Besides periodically cleaning your dispense system, we advise you to regularly rinse the lines with water using a cleaning bottle or a cleaning connector for wall mounting. These accessories are available from our Webshop. Connect the KeyKeg adapter to a filled cleaning bottle, attach a KeyKeg coupler to the adapter, allow pressure to build in, then rinse the lines.

We have created a video for you to watch that demonstrates how to clean a dispense installation.

Key facts about KeyKegs

  • A beverage-packaging solution designed for recyclability in a circular economy
  • Light, easy-to-handle 10, 20 and 30 litre capacities help protect the environment
  • Avoid using CO2 gas to dispense fresh beverages, thanks to Bag-in-Keg Technology
  • Safe, strong and sustainable, protect your beverages with Double-Wall Technology
  • Maximum stability, stackability and handling for easier logistics and staff wellbeing
  • Promote your customer’s preference for sustainable solutions with custom-branding

Choose sustainable KeyKeg disposal methods

Disconnecting and deflating your empty KeyKegs is only the first step in a circular economy. Do you know that because KeyKeg is recyclable and circular, you can return your empty KeyKegs for us to reuse the circular-material for new KeyKegs? The more that are returned, the more we increase our circularity, which is better for the environment. This is why we emphasise choosing the right KeyKeg disposal methods. Reusing the raw materials is better than seeing our Kegs face incineration or landfill. Our Return Partner Network furthers our sustainability goals by providing collections and/or drop-off points where available.

Frequently asked questions

Just follow standard, regular cleaning practices and connect the KeyKeg cleaning adaptor to a cleaning canister or existing cleaning system.
Watch our video that shows how to clean a dispense installation. You can order cleaning accessories from our webshop.

Use the red, reusable KeyKeg deflating tool or built-in deflating switch on Micro Matic couplers to deflate KeyKegs. Always do this in a well-ventilated area if your dispense gas is CO2. Depending upon your area, there are several options for deflated, empty KeyKegs.
Watch our video about how to deflate KeyKegs.

Our growing Return Partner Network helps us achieve our bold sustainability goals. They handle empty KeyKegs in various countries around the world, collecting them for us to reuse the circular-materials. Where available, Return Partners facilitate great recycling initiatives that complement your existing waste-management streams. Find a UK Return Partner here. To make sustainability a truly global effort, we are actively seeking new partners in your area to collect empty KeyKegs or be a drop-off point.

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