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Getting started with KeyKeg is easy. Connecting, filling and dispensing correctly will make sure your beverages reach local and international consumers as fresh as possible and in the best condition with almost no KeyKeg problems. Easy-to-follow instructions in our KeyKeg guide help you and your staff get the most from our lightweight, ergonomic Kegs: high-quality, protected beverages with extended shelf life and the perfect pour. KeyKeg Bag-in-Keg Technology and unique coupler allows frontline hospitality to dispense almost to the last drop using any gas, even compressed air.

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KeyKeg protection: fill and dispense safely

Double Wall Technology makes KeyKeg strong, sturdy and damage resistant. This not only protects your beverages from harm during handling or transport, but it also makes connecting, filling and dispensing safe for your staff and frontline employees. This feature is also durable enough to withstand high internal KeyKeg pressure, ideal for highly carbonated beverages.

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Unique fitting and coupler for maximum freshness

KeyKeg’s fitting is designed for Bag-in-Keg Technology, which uses a unique coupler that keeps dispense gas away from beverages. This separation prevents contamination, maintains high-quality flavour and extends shelf life for local distribution and international export. It also makes CO2, N2 or mixed gas unnecessary; with a KeyKeg compressor, beverages can be dispensed using just air, which is cheaper and better for the environment.

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Dispense from KeyKeg for the perfect pour

KeyKeg not pouring? With KeyKeg on tap, pubs, bars, cafés and other outlets can set the correct dispense pressure to ensure a smooth, consistent pour with minimal KeyKeg foaming (also known as KeyKeg fobbing). KeyKeg problems are minimised by following the simple KeyKeg guide.

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Safe handling during connection, filling or dispense

Once beverages have been dispensed almost to the last drop and KeyKegs are empty, they can be returned to the circular economy for material reuse. This stops empty KeyKegs from reaching incineration or landfill. Wherever available, our growing network of Return Partners can gather your empty Kegs for us to recover the circular-material for use in new KeyKegs. Choosing KeyKeg helps protect natural resources, as well as cuts back on waste, water, chemicals and fuel.

Key facts about KeyKegs

  • A designed-for-circularity beverage-packaging solution
  • Lightweight 10, 20 and 30 litre sizes are better for the environment
  • Bag-in-Keg Technology allows fresh-beer dispense without C02
  • Strong and safe Double-Wall Technology protection is sustainable
  • Stable, stackable and easy to handle for logistics and staff safety
  • Custom-branding promotes your preference for sustainable solutions

How to dispense beverages correctly

The right dispense pressure depends on KeyKeg storage temperature and beverage CO₂ content. Low KeyKeg pressure can lead to excess KeyKeg foaming (or KeyKeg fobbing) during dispense. Follow the KeyKeg guide to prevent this happening and also prevent any other KeyKeg problems during dispense.

  • Has the KeyKeg been cooled for long enough? The minimum is 12 hours in conditioned storage or Keg refrigerator.
  • Is the KeyKeg tap cooler working, and is it at the right temperature?
  • Is the tap pressure set correctly in relation to KeyKeg storage temperature and beverage CO₂ content? If not, increase the pressure slowly. Low pressure can also result in KeyKeg not pouring.
  • Use a compensator tap. This makes the flow adjustable.

The higher the beverage CO₂ content, the slower you should dispense. Consult your beverage distributor for information about CO2 content, acid content and appropriate pressure setting.

Frequently asked questions

We have created a video for you to watch that demonstrates how to connect a KeyKeg.

We have created a video for you to watch that demonstrates how to set equilibrium pressure using a Carbonated Beverage Calculator.

We have created a video for you to watch that demonstrates how to fill a KeyKeg with beer.

We have created a video for you to watch that demonstrates how to measure the dissolved CO2 level of beer in a KeyKeg.

This may happen for a number of reasons, such as dispense pressure, secondary fermentation or temperature.
We have created a video for you to watch that demonstrates how to deal with foaming.

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Working with KeyKeg

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Meet the KeyKeg range!

With KeyKeg we offer a complete range of beverage Kegs. Our lightweight, sustainable kegs feature an advanced design and are easy-to-use, sustainable and circular. KeyKeg presents great opportunities to break into and serve new markets, while personalised custom branding is also possible. Make sure your beverages reach consumers all over the world as fresh as the day they were produced.