KeyKeg | For beverages as fresh as the day they were produced

Meet the KeyKeg range

Your beverages reach consumers all over the world as fresh as the day they were produced. KeyKeg 10 L, 20 L and 30 L provide maximum shelf life, stable handling, stackability and custom branding possibilities. A sustainable solution that allows your beverages to be dispensed almost to the last drop without CO₂.

close up KeyKeg Production Line

Practical & versatile

Make life easier with lightweight, easy-to-use Kegs. KeyKeg is used to dispense many different beverages, types and styles. Maximise your return on investment by avoiding expensive overheads associated with traditional Kegs. KeyKeg 10 L, 20 L and 30 L are scalable packaging solutions that fit your production patterns and growth plans.

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Sustainable & circular

Help us leave the world a better place by protecting natural resources, reducing waste and limiting the use of water, chemicals and fuel. KeyKeg 10 L, 20 L and 30 L are sustainable and support a circular economy.

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