KeyKeg for liquid-based products

We have further developed our versatile KeyKeg for liquid products that you would not want to drink, but for which you still need lightweight, sustainable packaging and easy dispensing. Think of such diverse products as: edible oils, like frying oil, release agents for professional bakeries, but also shampoo or even liquid glue.

This may sound strange for a KeyKeg that is mainly known for its use in the beverage industry, but our innovative R&D department likes to think outside the box. And with all the qualities that KeyKeg already has, they only needed to make small adjustments to create a KeyKeg suitable for all kinds of liquid products that you would not want to drink. The user options are endless.

KeyKeg range

Your liquid-based products reach customers all over the world in perfect condition. KeyKegs provide maximum shelf life, stable handling, stackability and custom branding possibilities. A sustainable solution that allows liquids to be dispensed almost to the last drop without CO2.

Important facts for liquids in KeyKeg

Life is easier for liquid-based product manufacturers with practical, versatile KeyKegs. Enjoy a great return on investment with a sustainable solution that makes opening-up new markets easy.

  • Suitable for many different liquid-based products of all types and styles
  • Versatility that matches your business patterns and helps you grow
  • More liquids can be transported per load with lightweight Kegs
  • Harsh cleaning routines are avoided with a one-way system
  • Easy-to-use closed-packaging system
  • Boost the circular economy by returning your empty Kegs
  • Dispose of any residue easily
  • Safeguard against humidity, UV light and gasses
  • Strong to prevent damage: physical, mechanical, chemical or biological
NF KeyKeg

Safe, easy KeyKeg for liquid-based products

Almost all liquids are suitable for distribution in KeyKeg, a lightweight, standalone, one-way system for perfect dispensing and dosing. KeyKeg for liquid-based products offer maximum protection and long shelf life. They are perfect for reaching local and international customers. Ready-to-use KeyKeg allows almost all products in liquid form to be dispensed and dosed to almost the last drop. KeyKeg: the safe, easy-to-use closed-packaging system with stable handling, stackability and custom branding opportunities. Keep your high-quality products in the best condition possible with sustainable KeyKeg.

With KeyKeg, liquid condition does not suffer

Bag-in-Keg Technology is an airtight, laminated barrier against leaks, humidity, gasses and UV light that locks in quality and maximises shelf-life to ensure your product stays perfect for customers all around the world. Any residue is kept within the convenient inner bag for disposal.

USP Bag In Keg 20L KeyKeg
30l KeyKegs circular logo

Distribute your liquid-based products sustainably

KeyKeg is sustainable, ISO 18604 compliant and designed-for-circularity, meaning empty Kegs need not be incinerated or used as landfill. The actual raw material used to produce new KeyKegs can be recovered from empty Kegs. 86% of the material in empty KeyKegs is suitable for recycling, and each new KeyKeg contains more than 50% circular material on average. No downgrading or downcycling of raw materials is necessary. KeyKeg allows you to reduce waste, limit water, chemical and fuel usage while also helping to protect natural resources.

Always safety first for your liquids

Strong, safe, damage-resistant Double Wall Technology protects your liquid-based products. Safeguard against any vulnerability: mechanical, physical, biological, or chemical. The SBS (Strength-by-Separation) principle allows safe filling and dispense.

USP 20L KeyKeg Double Wall
20L KeyKeg stacking Gripring Basecup

Enjoy stacking stability and excellent handling

There is no need for heavy lifting equipment, trollies, carts or hand trucks to move, transport and store your liquids effortlessly with KeyKeg. A lightweight, ergonomic grip ring and basecup reduces effort when handling filled KeyKegs. Designed to stack easily with minimal floor space, KeyKeg can be loaded safely onto pallets for easy shipping.

Custom-sleeve branding for liquid-based products

You could choose to complement your branding strategy and personalise your KeyKeg sleeves. This creates brand awareness and maximises exposure for your products. Sleeves also show clear information about safety and handling.

KeyKeg NF Custom Sleeve
KeyKeg NF fitting Blue

Different colour valve

A clear blue valve distinguishes this KeyKeg from our beverage KeyKegs to ensure that there is no mistaking it for a KeyKeg with drinkable content. 

A unique KeyKeg fitting for liquid-based products

Dispense and dose your liquid-based products almost to the last drop with a unique KeyKeg fitting that is designed to keep product and propellant gas separate inside the Keg. This makes filling and dispensing clean and easy. The separation also allows any dispense gas to be used, even compressed air.

20L Dispence Without CO2

Get to know our Kegs for liquid-based products

Reach consumers around the world with high-quality liquid-based products that are in perfect condition. Discover the benefits of an advanced-design here and choose lightweight, sustainable Kegs for your products.

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Working with KeyKeg

KeyKeg manual filling kegs

Connecting, filling and dispensing

Shrinkwrapped and stacked KeyKegs ready for transport

Storage and handling

Emptied and flattened KeyKegs

When empty