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Eliminating traditional Keg overheads maximises return on investment, streamlines services and saves time. By using sustainable KeyKeg, hospitality staff pour your beverages consistently, without variation. KeyKeg gives you the versatility to scale up and satisfy demand or enter new markets. Choose our Kegs and discover new opportunities now.

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See maximum return on your investment

By reducing existing expenses and cutting storage and transportation costs, KeyKeg helps maximise your return on investment.

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Streamline service to save time

It takes a considerable amount of time during service to handle, cool and open individual bottles or cans. KeyKeg offers a more efficient and effective alternative: a shorter time to table and a smoother, streamlined service. With your beverages on tap in KeyKeg, frontline staff pour a wider range more quickly and have more time to deal with customers.

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Connect with new markets

Do you want to enhance your ambitious growth plans, easily connect with new markets and discover emerging business opportunities? Join a growing international KeyKeg Community and open up a world of new possibilities.

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Scale up and satisfy demand

KeyKeg versatility allows you to offer a wider range of diverse beverage types and styles — seasonal, alternative, healthy or region-specific. Discover a scalable solution that fits your production patterns and growth plans.

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Eliminate traditional Keg overheads

Imagine having no deposit, no return, no loss, no damage, no contracts and no expensive cleaning routines. Imagine eliminating the additional expenses associated with steel Kegs. All this is possible with KeyKeg — and it’s a more sustainable solution too.

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Be sustainable with KeyKeg

KeyKeg is sustainable: recyclable for a circular economy. Wherever possible, empty KeyKegs are either collected by our Return Partner Network for recycling into new KeyKegs or added to local recycling initiatives and programmes. By using KeyKeg, you therefore help protect natural resources, reduce waste and limit the use of water, chemicals and fuel, which also saves you money.

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Safe and smart hospitality service and storage

Unnecessary clutter and inefficient storage and hazards create risk, obstruct the service area and delay frontline employees. KeyKegs are lightweight, easy to handle, stable and stackable with a minimal footprint. They can even be flattened effortlessly once empty and deflated, optimising storage, saving time and increasing safety.

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Perfectly poured, consistent quality

KeyKeg keeps beverages in perfect condition and eliminates variability. It is not only strong and safe to protect against damage and spoilage, but KeyKeg also guarantees that frontline employees serve evenly balanced, ready-mixed beverages every time. Perfectly poured beverages are consistent and, where pre-blended, are not affected by variation: ingredients, composition or proportion.

Key facts about KeyKegs

  • A sustainable beverage-packaging solution
  • Designed for recyclability in a circular economy
  • Lightweight 10, 20 and 30 litre sizes are better for the environment
  • Dispense fresh beverages without CO2 using Bag-in-Keg Technology

  • Protect beverages with strong, safe Double-Wall Technology
  • Fit all dispense systems, available in K and A fitting
  • Improve logistics and staff safety with a stable, stackable, easy-to-handle solution
  • Promote your preference for sustainable packaging with customised branding

Want to know more about versatile KeyKegs?

You can learn more about KeyKeg practicality and versatility, and the many other benefits for your beverage brands, by reading our downloadable brochure.

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Available Keg sizes:

Practicality and versatility

Frequently asked questions

Please watch our video that shows how to stack filled KeyKegs correctly.

Unfilled KeyKegs last at least 24 months, and each KeyKeg shows the date it was manufactured on the sleeve. There is also a unique QR code on the sleeve that helps our support team identify every individual Keg.

The following number of empty KeyKegs fit on a 48" × 40" (120 cm x 100 cm) block pallet:

  • 10 L: 140 empty KeyKegs.
  • 20 L: 80 empty KeyKegs
  • 30 L: 48 empty KeyKegs

You can dispense at home, at parties or at events easily with a KeyKeg Party Pump, which is available in our Webshop. Other portable, temporary or non-permanent dispense options are available through these recommended links:

Please contact us if you have any questions.

KeyKeg has a fitting with a safety valve, to connect for filling or dispensing. Available in K and A fitting.

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